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Everyone at the museum, from home

Online museum

The culture doesn’t stop, not even with the Coronavirus, not even by staying at home. Since when this difficult period started everyone did something, in their difficult fields. The instruction found out the video-lessons, many discovered the smart working. At the same way many museums and many passionated discovered the virtual tours. All together, the families are at home and they try to do something to have fun, to not think at this orrible period. What do we do today? What do you think about a virtual tour in a museum? There are for all liking.

The culture doesn’t stop

To the cry of IStayAtHome it was born a new initiative to face this quarantine: The culture doesn’t stop!

Egiptian museum in Turin
The egiptian museum in Turin organizes virtual tours on Youtube

Virtual tours, directs on the social network, guided tours on Youtube, the initiatives are so many. Museums, theatres, libraries. The virus doesn’t have to stop our desre to discover, our hunger of knowledge, the culture stays and fights, even though everything. And all of it, obviusly, with a small technological help.

Today we must stay at home, but this doesn’t stop us to admire the paintings hanged inside the Uffizi, to be astonished in front of the Egiptian Museum of Turin. But the initiatives are ongoing all over the world, not only in Italy. And so here you have that the doors of Louvre open (virtually), that deploy, from the confort of the four walls of the house, the wonders of the Versailles Pallace. And so on, online, we can land on the big apple and visit the MoMa and the MET.

At the museum, in Italy

“We should avoid every infections, except the beauty one”

Eike Dieter Schmidt, director of the Uffizi in Florence, opens, with these words, the doors of his museum, by showing us La primavera by Botticelli, The Venere, and all his wonderful paintings. To do it he used virtual shows, followed by stories and high definition images.

The masterpieces of the uffizi are now exposed inside your house

Christian Greco, instead, is the director of the Egiptian Museum in Turin, that decided to spend the quarantine between the doors of the museum, which is spectrally desert. But even though there aren’t visitors to fill up the rooms, it comes to life thanks to the “Passeggiate del Direttore” (Director walks), a serie of videos, published on the Youtube channel of the museum, where the director tells the story and the secrets of some between the most important artifact of the museum.

We can even admire the Cappella Sistina, comfortably sitting on the couch, thanks to a virtual tour of the Vatican museums.

At the museums, in the world

There is a museum that without any doubt is the most wondered goal of all the art’s passionated. One of the best museum: the Louvre. Which is the best period to visit it? Obviously during this quarantine. We have just to turn on the pc and choose the tour that we like more, like Ancient Babylon or Italian Renaissance. The last one is the tour most viewed. Obviously couldn’t be different, because it shows one of the most famous masterpiece of all the human history: The Gioconda.

British Museum
Tour virtuali anche per il British Museum

If you want to be enchanted by an amazing view you have to take a look absolutely at the Acropolis of Athens. If, instead, you are passionated about history, you can’t lose the chance to walk through the British Museum‘s room, where we have the possibility to jump in the ancient Maja’s treasures or get impressed by the secrets of The Rosetta Stone.

We can find much more online to see, like the museum dedicated to Van Gogh,in Amsterdam, or the Hermitage in San Petersburg.

So we have only the spoiled for choise. The culture will not stop. Let’s visit the museum, obviously staying at home.

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