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Free videogames for the quarantine

Free videogames

A jump into the past to fill up the long days at home, a parade of free videogames for PC and Mac with a vintage style to being a child again.

Gog and the 27th free videogames

In a previous article we talk about a serie of mobile game to spend the time, now instead we talk about the videogames of the platform Gog.com for PC, Mac and in some cases even Linux and Ubuntu, a selection of free titles which are perfect to play in this period.

The initiative is called Stay at Home and Play Some Games and it proposes 27 videogames for everyone, included these big classics of the past that we are proposing.

Ultima: the saga

The videogame Ultima IV is a role game that dates back in the 1985, it was developed by the Origin together with Electronic Arts, one of the most famous of all. It’s innovative because the purpose isn’t the to fight the villain, but to become a paragon of virtue in the medieval world of Britannia. In the saga we find even mechanisms which are even in other titles like dungeon, the monsters to fight, places to explore and many other characters. It’s really soft, it has an extremely easy pixelled graphic and it can be played on every computer: both if it’s a Pc, a Mac, or Linux. Of the same serie there are even titles like: Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire, of the 1990, and Ultima World of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams of the 1991 with which you can spend few hours having fun.

Free videogames
The saga Ultima made the history of the videogames

The action titles

Between the free videogames, straight from the ’90s here you have Beneath a Steel Sky, an adventure videogame developed by Revolution Software. It takes place in a unknown future and it sees Robert Foster fall down from an airplane and trying to survive with his friend robot Joey. This title is available for Mac, Windows and even Ubuntu and it’s famous right for being released for free. Its strong suit are the riddles to solve; which are always precise and well justified, even the most complicated situations are drove by the logic.

Flight of Amazon Queen is available for Windows and Mac and it remembers the classic games of Indiana Jones by the LucasArts like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. We are in the ’40s when the Hollywood cinema was borning and Joe King is a pilot with a real adventurous life. While he flights in the sky of Brasil, because of a flash, his airplane Amazon Queen fell down. He will be so in the heart of the amazon rainforest, but he’s not alone: together with him there are even his assistant Sparky and the actress Faye Russel. Joe will have to be able, besides to save himself, even to help an amazon tribe by foiling an organisation that wants to conquer the whole world. The crazy dialogues and the graphic rich of details will donate you moments of fun which are essential in this period.

free videogames
Flight of the Amazon Queen is a must between the free videogames

A classic shooter, easy and basic: a spaceship saw from above has to kill the enemies that arrive from the upper part of the screen. Tyrian 2000 can be played both on Windows and on Mac and it’s possible to play even in two simultaneously. Furthermore it’s possible to change the hull and to upgrade the weapons, to add the shields and powerer generators.

It has a graphic that remembers a cartoon, this title has a really interesting sound track, which arrived even on the platforms streaming like Last.fm, is Treasure Adventure Game. A platform which can be played only on PC Windows. You must explore many environments full of details and go on in the game by solving many puzzles. If you liked the title you can even try Treasure Adventure World, the second one of this title that conquered millions of players.

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