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The new 16 inches MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 16

The new 16 inches MacBook Pro is already available for purchase in Italy in many configurations.

The Apple MacBook Pro

In the heart of this notebook we find a processor Intel 6-core or a 8-core with up to 64 GB of Ram. While the graphic board is an AMD Radeon Pro 5000M with the possibility to dedicate up to 8 GB of memory, while the hard disk can be chosen up to 8 TB. There are then four doors Thunderbolt 3 and the chip T2 for the data safety.

MacBook Pro 16
The new keyboard of the MacBook Pro 16 has undergone to improvements

The chassis is available both in Sideral Grey and in Silver, and it has an audio compartment with six speakers to produce a stereo sound varied and involving. The two woofer force-cancelling were installed to reduce the vibrations of the system and to give so clearer and more natural sound. There are even three microphones in array, which have a professional level, and they are perfect to realize podcast and clear records wherever you want.

The battery then was increased. Now it arrives to 100 Wattora which allows an autonomy of 11 hours, it was tested between video reproduction and wireless surfing. About the design we might notice that the internal architecture was studied to better disperse the heat of the work sessions, even really long, without the risk to let it overheat.

According to the creators infact the air flow which goes through the components increased until the 28%, thanks even to a heatsink of the 35% bigger.

The strong suit of this notebook is surely the display. It is much larger than the models already available on the marketplace, thanks to a reduction of the frame that surround the panel. The screen is part of the family of the Retina which has a brightness that arrives up to 500 nit with a resolution of 3072×1920 pixel (226 ppi).

The keyboard

About the keyboard there are big news, infact they made a work focused to improve it. The first new is about the butterfly mechanism used in the old keyboards, which was replaced by an evolution of the technology scissor with an excursion of the buttons of 1 mm. The second new is about the introduction of a new button, which was loudly required by the users Apple: now there is the button Esc separated to allow us to easily pass from a view to another.

There are always the Touch bar to have on hand some shortcuts and the Touch ID which allows to authenticate ourselves only with a gesture. But even the Trackpad Force Touch with an extended clic and the gesture detector Multi-Touch. Furthermore even the arrow buttons as an upside down T are much more confortable to quikly move between the lines of code or between the spreadsheets.


MacBook Pro 16
The button Esc separated, strongly wanted by the fans of the MacBook

The operating system is obviusly a MacOS Catalina, preinstalled straight on the notebook. This new MacBook Pro, according to the producers of the Apple, is perfect for developers, photographers, film makers but even researchers and musicians. So all the professionists that usually use the Mac to work and they want a much more practical support.

The prices

Let’s talk now about the prices: they start from 2.799 euros for the version with Intel Core i7 6‑core of ninth generation, 2,60 GHz, graphic card AMD Radeon Pro 5300M with 4 GB of memory GDDR6, 16 GB of RAM DDR4 at 2.666 MHz and SSD of 512 GB for the storage. If instead you don’t have any budget problems you might choose for the version with Intel Core i9 8-core of ninth generation of 2,40 GHz, 64 GB of RAM, graphic card with 8 GB of dedicated memory and SSD of 8 TB for a cost of 7.239 euros.

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