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Nintendo Ring fit Adventure: work out while playing

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo announces a new title which connects sport and gaming: the Ring Fit Adventure. For who loves working out with the house consoles and experimented the Wii Fit or the Xbox Fitness, doesn’t have to lost this new way to work out.

What is Ring Fit Adventure

Usually the videogames are an activity that doesn’t have nothing in common with the sport and the work out. But Nintendo wants to debunk the myth, by proposing this new concept: the sport while we play, by joining the fun of an adventure, with knights and dragons to fight with the fitness. It is focused on the platform Nintendo Switch, a whole new world compared with the Wii Fit and the accessory Wii Balance Board.

Ring Fit Adventure
A screen shot of the game Ring Fit Adventure

The concept of this new product goes further the training. The accessory this time is called Ring-Con and it has right the shape of a ring. The Ring-Con will surprise you: even though its appereant rigidity it is a really flexible instrument, able to be compressed and enlarged, besides than be obviusly raised and lowered to do the excersices.

This new approach tries to get the laziest player closer to a healthier life, by involving them in a game adventure. Besides to the Ring-Con there is then another accessory the Leg Strap: an elastic band to attach on the left leg to detect the movements. After weared it we take the Ring-Con in our hand and we start the adventure.

How does it work

To play with the Ring Fit Adventure we suggest to wear a suit or comfortable clothes, because it’s a real work out, then, after started the game, we will have to create our own user profile. To complete the data frame we will need then to follow some test to establish the level of training of the gamer. This to personalize both the challenges and the achievement of results, to create so an unique experience for every user.

Now we are ready to jump into the adventure, becoming an hero that have to get free the world from a terrible threat, a monstrous dragon. The environment is in style fantasy and it’s made by 20 different worlds, in which the protagonist will have to run, jump, float or even row to move from one world to another.

Ring Fit Adventure
Join the sport to the fun is now possible

But the real new is the fact that we will always be moving thanks even to the fights between the enemies that won’t be passed by pushing on the bottons of the controller, but by making up to 40 fitness excercises. We will train so the whole body, from the arms to the legs, without leaving the tipical movements of the yoga which can give armony to the whole body. The most important thing is the posture, to keep perfect in every exercise, to maximize the damages inflicted to the adversaries.

The game gives the possibility to promptly know the calories and time of the game’s stage burnt and, at the end, even the experience points of the figure useful to level up and to discover new technics.

The game’s modes of Ring Fit Adventure

The Adventure mode is the main one where we play and we pass the levels by doing excercises, then there is even the Match mode which proposes shorter sessions, in which we can even challenge our friends. But if your are fans of the fitness so for you are better the Excercises modes or the Serie one. In the first one it’s possible to choose single activities, while the second one provides excercises divided for topic or boy part. A last mode is really interesting, for who lives in an apartment block or can only play in the evening, is the silence mode, which provides less noisy excercises, able even to affect less the junctures.

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