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10 hi-tech gadgets to stay fit


It’s always harder to stay fit nowadays, when everything is just a click away and the contry walks are just a remote memory. The technology changed our way to live and to approach the world. However, the same technology, would help us to take back the control of our body and to stay in shape. Here you have 10 hi-tech gadgets to stay fit.

Waterproof earpods

There are many earpods on the market studied for the workout sessions. They are water, dust and sand proof and they are easily wearable.

To not obstacle the workout they have an ergonomic desing and they are such light to let us forget we are wearing them. Furthermore, they are essential if we are training with a virtual coach.

Fitness Trackers

It’s difficult to speak only about a brand or two here too. The fitness trackers are a lot, often integrated in the same smartwatches.

stare in forma
Fitness Tracker

Those not only keep track of our workout, the speed, the distance and the burnt calories, but they even check our vital functions, by analizing the heart beat. If we look through the many devices we will find without any doubt the one that most fits with our needs.



Sometimes to stay fit we have to use some further gadget. For example, the rope is a great burnt calories workout.

But how to better check the whole training session? Sport Jump is a smart rope which send the recorded datas straight on our smartphone so to check that the workout is getting the wished results.

Wii Fit

Let’s enter in the videogames’ world, because with the console Wii of the Nintendo, for the first time the fitness’ world entered in the videogames’ one.

Especially the Wii Fit, with the balance board, became a great coach which drove many through the fitness’ world, the yoga and many sports, with up to 60 activities to stay fit, by keeping the progresses.


With the Wii Fit we can integrate the workout with some added gadgets.

stay fit

Like the RiiFlex, handlebars into which putting the controllers which will allow us to add a couple of extra kilos to our workout.



Between all the fitness tracker one of the most used is FitBit, maybe because it was the pioneer of them or maybe because the experience let it be one of the most complete.

FitBit tracks the workout sessions, the physics conditions, the sleep hours, by calculating if our daily routines are right or not.


All of it needs to be integrated, though, with some applications for the mobile phone. Many apps, infact, have the same functions of the fitness trackers, like the most famous of all  Runtastic.

stay fit


Shoe’s sensors

For who wants to stay fit with jogging and trekking the shoe’s sensors are the best of the fitness trackers wearable.

About the distance, the speed and the steps they are the absolutly most precise.

Smart Mat

If our passion and our way to stay fit, with mind and body, is the yoga, the smart mat is what we need.

stay fit
Smart Mat

It is a smart mat for yoga interactive which will drive us for the whole workout session. Firstly it will indicate us the position to make, then it will correct us in case we are making it wrong and, at the end, it will make the conclusion about how we did, by saying our strong points and what we have to improve.

Garmin Varia Vision

Finally, even the augmented reality arrived in the fitness’ world. A first example of how those two worlds can live together is Garmin Varia Vision. An augmented reality studied for the cyclists.

stay fit
Garmin Varia Vision

The viewer is installed right on the glasses and it says the speed, the distance, the timing, the direction and if the vehicles behind us are getting closer. Everything will appear straight on the glass’ lens.

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