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Google becomes green: recycled plastic and naval expeditions

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As well as many other brands are doing now even Google is focusing on the ecology, with an increasing research about the sustainability of its products. Recentelly infact the colossus of the web’s research announced important news about its own technological products. Google becomes green thanks to the usage of recycled material starting from the plastic bottles.

In this hystorical period then the competitors are strong, between the technological companies there is a challange to show to the consumers and to the governments that even to the green breakthrough the sales’ volumes don’t decrease.

Google becomes green from the 2022

Starting from the 2022 the company promises that smartphones like Pixel and all its successors, but even the speakers, will be interested by this breakthrough. The way will be surely long and with obstacles, but the head of the design’s team of the hardware planning, Ivy Ross, claims that Big G is ready to the change.

Infact during an interview released to Fast Company he said that the duty of the designers isn’t only the one to create beautiful things, but even to solve problems like the sustainability. Nowadays, it results, infact, one of the biggest challenge to pass for the company. To the team of Ivy Ross for example was asked to increase as much as possible the durability of the products realized with recycled material. Not only, the intention is even the one to make them easier recyclable once their life cycle is over.

google becomes green
The device Chromecast was the first one of the green breakthrough to be produced with recycled plastic

To open the project, and the introduction process of the recycled plastic in the device google, the flash drives Chromecast and the Google Home. In the past infact it’s been made the first tests right on those devices to test safety and reliability, due to the positive result Google decided to start the green revolution. The usage of the recycled resources goes from the 20% to the 42% in the casing for the speakers Google Home and the dongle streaming Chromecast. And until the 2022 the recycled plastic will be introduced in all the technological products.

Thinking to use recycled products is surely noble, but often it means higher production costs. This stops many companies, because to get back of the costs they need then to increase the prices of the final products and this doesn’t allow to have a competitive product.

But in order to change the climate we have to try, now more than ever, to focus on more sustainable technologies. Starting even from the usage, or better the re-usage, of the plastic which is now invanding seas, oceans and so on.

Zero emissions for the Big G transports

Google becomes green by acting on many fronts. If from one side it try to focus itself in the re-usage of the plastic to realize even its smartphones, from the other side it announced that until the 2020 the expeditions of its products will be at zero emissions.

google becomes green
Google becomes green even thanks to a decrease of the emissions in the transports

At the moment Big G was already able to reduce it of the 40%, just by thinking to the expeditions via airplane and of the ones with the merchant ships. This will mean longer arrival times to receive the device or the accessories required. We might think that this decision will let some customer run away, but Google has a clear image and identity and it knows on which customers focus.

Infact Anna Meegan responsible of the sustainability for the hardware, said that: «What we do is what our customers want, we do it because it’s the right thing at the right moment». Meegan therefore specifies: «We are trying to build the sustainability in everything we do. But we will need time to demonstrate the progresses».

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