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Motorola and the new 4-cam smartphone

Motorola would be about to release a new smartphone with four cameras

The market of new generation smartphones is growing and thriving. And Motorola won’t stand by and watch.

The famous manufacturing company would be deep at work on a new smartphone model, conceived for photography lovers.

On the wake of the newest Samsung smartphone, especially the A7 line (we reviewed the Samsung A70 model in this article), Motorola is going to equip its new device with four cameras.

The news found its way to all the main rumor sites and IT communities. There are also several leaks and previews out, and the phone is already highly sought after.

What features is this phone going to have? Let’s find out.

Availability and costs of Motorola’s new smartphone

Motorola has been one of the first mobile device manufacturers. And the new, much rumored smartphone should bring it right back under the spotlight.

The official name of the new phone is still shroud in mystery. What’s for certain is that it should be the first of a new line. Quite possibly taking the place of the MotoX.

The new Motorola smartphone
The first previews of the new Motorola smartphone

The release date is just as uncertain. However it feels safe to say that the new smartphone shouldn’t be out before autumn, or alternatively by the end of 2019.

Motorola, in fact, has recently released (as of February 2019) it newest hit, the Moto G7.

A too close release would only draw the attention from it.

It’s way too early to talk about prices as well. We don’t even know whether the new smartphone will be super expensive or middle-class.But being the first of a new key series, it feels safe to assume that it should not be ultra cheap either.

What is the new Motorola smartphone going to be like?

Very little is known about the phone’s tech specs right now.

The only exception, like we anticipated in the article’s opening, are the four cameras.

According to some exclusive CAD-rendered leaks, the cameras would be located on the rear of the smartphone, in a squared embossed module with rounded corners.

The smartphone's design
Modern design and four cameras, but we’ll have to wait for the tech specs

As far as the camera definition goes, the case apparently reads 48MP. But it’s not clear whether this is the main camera’s definition, or the overall amount of MPs from all four of them. This wouldn’t be a first for Motorola, after all.

The design is modern and much in the style of similar smartphone of other companies. The dual LED flash is situated next to the cameras, but the design might be subjected to further changes.

The frontal camera of the new smartphone is set into a waterdrop notch, much similar to the Moto G7’s own.

The screen should be roughly 158mm tall and 75mm wide. The phone is also very thin at only 8,8mm.

The digital fingerprints scanner may be onscreen, as the preview pictures show no sign of a front panel.

Multiple cameras are the new trend

One of the key trends in mobile phones nowadays is indeed the availability of more than just one camera.

Smartphone with multiple cameras
Multiple cameras smartphone are the new hit

When buying a new smartphone, users pay particular attention to the camera, as taking pictures has become one of the most important requirements.

Frontal cameras have come a long way and reached extreme definition, with an incredible richness of colors and variety. However, surpassing that proved to be a challenge and the market ran the risk to stagnate.

Manufacturers thus decided to equip their smartphones with more (and more) cameras. Usually these cameras have varying resolutions, allowing users to take stunning pictures from just about any angle and in just about any light (and weather) condition.

The first company to release multiple cameras smartphones was Honor way back in 2015. Shortly after, all other main smartphone manufacturers set out to release new and futuristic models.

Among the most interesting smartphones with multiple cameras there are Huawei P9 with Leica lens, LG G5 and even the newest Apple iPhones – from 7 onward. But Motorola‘s new jewel might up the stakes of the competition to new, uncharted levels.

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