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The Google Cemetery: the products that didn’t make it

google cemetery

Internet is a wonderful place! We are used to think it every time that we find umpteenth wonder of the web, the umpteenth doozy that keeps us stuck on the Pc or smartphone’s screen. The most famous and used research platform in the world boasts successes and failures, and for that ones, there is a real graveyard, which is called “The Google Cemetery“.

But what would be internet without Google? Sometimes is impossible distinguishing where one ends and the other begins.

Many times is hard to understand that they are two different things. Because for the biggest part of the world and us too Google is Internet.

Like always Google donates us wonderful things. An infinite serie of small and big secondary platforms, applications, services, all attributable to the Big G, of which many times we don’t know their existence or their origin.

Many times the informatic colossus, though, does some very incredible tumbles. Sometimes those are silent, otherwise they are noisy and clear.

By ending to set aside all the projects gone wrong. Like Google Plus, the social network about which we recently talk.

But, like always, Google donates us some moments of pure surprise, by giving us the possibility to find back all the products of the Mountain View’s company in its own cemetery.

The Google Cemetery

In the Google cemetery there are listed all the products that didn’t make it. All the brilliant ideas of Big G that were not appreciated by the big audience.

The ones that survived few years or the ones that saw the top and then fell down in chasm.

Are all there, collected, chronologically, even with the date of birth and death and the cause of death.

The first one to rest forever in the Google Cemetery was Google Answers (2002-2006), until the most recent one, Google Allo (2016-2019), instant messaging’s app.

“A total of 45 products have been sent into oblivion”

For the moment… because the list risks every day to increase. Every day the competitors are stronger and ruthless and the big audience is more demanding and uncompromising.

Are you curious and do you look forward to visit it? Don’t hurry, we will indicate the link at the end of the article, before to go to see it go on reading.

Who do we find in the Google cemetery

45 are the products went in “a better place” and carefully reported in the Google Cemetery.

There are the Google’s social networks: Google Plus (2011-2018), Orkut (2004-2014), Google Wave (2010-2012) and Google Buzz (2010-2011).

We can find many messaging’s apps, like Google Allo (2016-2019) and Google Talk (2005-2017). Online photo editing, like Picnik (2010-2012), web dictionaries, like Google Dictionary (2010-2011). And still so on.

google cemetery
The Google Cemetery

Everyone that would like to do it can go to have a look in the Google cemetery and find out again the platforms that at least one time in the life we meet in the web.

Maybe we can leave a message and engage debates with the other users. All of it with the right respect for the place where we are.

The Google Graveyard

google cemetery
The Google Graveyard

However the applications and the platforms of the Big G were such important in the life of the users of the whole world to make not The Google Cemetery being the only one of its kind.

We can even “cry”, infact, on the tombstones of the death services even in the Google Graveyard, a second online cemetery of the Google products.

This time it’s not set up by the same company but by the magazine Slate. Even in this second cemetery we can find all the Google products that didn’t make it, but not only.

Here it’s possible to leave a flower on the tombstones of our dearest products. The ones that dind’t make it but to which we will always leave a special place into our heart.

“It’s hard to lose a loved one, especially if that loved one is a Google service”

It’s like that that was born the idea to create a place where is possible not only to flip through the products, but even to leave a flower to the memory of them.

It’s enough to click on the tombstones to leave a flower. But only the most beautiful and thriving flowers will appear, don’t worry “full time graveyard staff robots clear out withered flowers regularly”.

And finally here you have the link for “The Google Cemetery” and, if really you can’t stay away from tombstones and graveyards, here you have even The Google Graveyard – Slate. Do you know others? Do not esitate to let us know!

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