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The smart clothes of the future

smart clothes

If we think about the wearable technology our mind runs straight to the smartwatches, but in reality there are many other ideas, some of them less known than others, but not for this reason less amazing. We are talking about the smart clothes that we might wear in the next future.

The sectors more interested about this specific shadow of the technology are the health and sportive ones.

It’s right there, infact, that the smart clothing does its best, by tracking the vital functions and being sure that everything is going well.

But not only, they are studying textures that can adapt themselves to every season or sensors to insert inside them to launch a SOS if needed.

Here you have some of the technological proposals in the field of the smart clothing:

The smart clothing for the sport

It’s been a while already that the sport’s world is enriching itself with new and interesting technologies. Many atheltes that today use smartwatches and fitness trackers believe that those are too bulky and impractical for the sportive activities.

For this reason there are many company that are going into the new marketplace of the smart clothes.

abbigliamento intelligenteFurthermore if the sensor is sewing straight in the texture of the shirt, being so in touch with the athlete’s skin, the releaved datas will be substantially better compared with the ones releaved by the sensors inside the devices.

The steps’ counting, the calculation of the travelled distance or the burnt calories, but even the body temperature, the heartbeat or the check of our vital functions.

Everything will be infinitely more accurate thanks to the technological implementation inside the same clothes.

The smart socks, for example, are perfect for the running passionated. They are equipped with pressure sensors, which are able to check our activity like no device before.

There are then whole workout pants or t-shirt littered with sensors, which are able to check the work of every single muscle, to give then the overview and to inform us about which one of them worked better.

abbigliamento intelligente

Other clothes

Here you have some examples of smart clothes for the sport that you can already find on the marketplace:

  • Lumo Rum by Athos: those are special pants for the runners, with sensors integrated on the belt, which give all the informations about the physic activity, the step’s lenght, the cadence and the speed. But they even check if the movements are rigth or if we are risking to incur to some injury;
  • MyZoneSportBra: the bra that checks our heart rate. There is even a version made by the famous underware brand Victoria’s Secret;
  • Polo Tech Shirt by Ralph Lauren: the special t-shirt for athletes, weaves the normal texture’s strings with silver fibers, by checking in real time our biometric datas;
  • Sensoria socks: this special socks are able to count our steps, the speed, the burnt calories, the altitude and the travelled distance. But even any possible sprains or injuries, happend during the run.

Smart clothing for the health

The smart clothes, therefore, promise to revolutionise the world of the health care. The models thought for the sport are already able to check the heart rate and the physic conditions.

Between the most efficient smart functions, they can give the allarm in case of danger and to send our position through GPS.

But what they propose to do is much more. They want, infact, to enter in clinics and hospitals and revolutionise the medical experience.

abbigliamento intelligenteAn ongoing monitoring of the clinical conditions of a patient, about his specific disorders, through the clothes that he wears, infact, might allow to give up with expensive and bulky facilities.

Furthermore, the doctors could remotely access to the patient’s datas without he needs to daily go to  him.

Some experimentations demonstrated that the usage of a smart clothing in the medical field will bring a protection against contagiuos diseases.

In the next future the usage, which in some case is already ongoing, is about diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory disorders.

We already largely saw, infact, how efficient can be the help of the devices in case of heart attack, already starting by the simple smartwatch.

Ambiti intelligenti

Were even planned some special blankets equipped with optical fibers that are able to check the skin circulation and to prevent bedsores.

We are making important steps forward even for the lung diseases. Were born, infact, the first E-texture able to measure the accumulation of water inside the lungs and to give a topographical overview of them, which can be wear at home without hospitalisation.

Abbigliamento intelligente

We will soon find even a special footwear, currently in a development phase, to check the volume’s changes of the legs of patients affected by edema.

Many others can be the uses of the technological implementation inside our common clothes.

Uses to check our health, prevent disorders or the worsen of them, and to revolutionise so our current lifestyle. 

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