It’s coming out the last chapter of the serie Metro: Exodus

Metro Exodus

In a bunch of days will come out the last chapter, the third one, of the serie Metro: Exodus, the post-apocalyptic videogame developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver, inspired to the homonym romance.

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Metro 2033 – 2034 – 2035

Metro Exodus
Metro: Exodus

The books written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, take place in a post nuclear war Moscow and are not few the adventures that brought it to arrive on the consolles.

The Dmitry’s one is a story that starts in the ’80, when he was just a bit older than a child and he took every day the colossal underground of Moscow to go to school.

His young mind of writer run together with the trains on the railways, by dreaming a human civilty populates stations and shafts, like mice inside their holes.

And it is right there that the first romance: Metro 2033, takes shape, and then even the following: Metro 2034 and Metro 2035. Moscow is destroyed, polluted and toxic, the only survivors are holed up in the underground.

It’s been almost 30 years since the war, no one knows if in the world there are other survivors. Meanwhile the life underground is not easy.

Every station is like a small nation, everyone with its caracteristics and lifestyle. Some of them come together to create alliances, some of them are able to grow mushrooms, some of them are small outposts for the commercial exchanges.

Every nation with its ideology, there are the communist, the fascist and all the problems that affected the humanity once, transported in the underground to remain to exist.


Metro Exodus
Metro: Exodus

A post-apocalyptic scenario bleak and pessimist, too much according to the editors, that rejected again and again the publication.

But Glukhovsky didn’t give up, strongly believing in his creation. It was like that that Metro 2033 arrived fully and freely online, and it was a success.

Metro 2033 became the book of the whole web, many readers wrote to the writer to propose ideas and suggest arrangements, by making it a masterpiece.

In the 2005 an editor decided to publish it in the paper version, too easy now that it was already a success. Probably even the biggest artists need a bit of luck and the lady luck wanted that between the biggest fans of the saga there were the developers of the software house A4 Games.

From the romance to the videogame

Metro Exodus
Metro: Exodus

In the 2010 Metro 2033 becomes a videogame, exact replica of the romance. Meanwhile, though, Glukhovsky didn’t stop himself and the second and the third chapter of the saga arrived.

In the 2013 came out Metro: Last Night, videogame reproduction of Metro 2034. And, finally, the next 15th of February will come out the final chapter, Metro: Exodus.

Metro Exodus

The underground of Moscow was the childhood house of Artyom, the protagonist, with which we fought the Dark Ones, eradicated epidemics and explored the darkest corners of that secret maze that run under a death city burnt by radiations.

By the way Artyom is still dreaming to bring once the human civilty back under the sun light. Metro Exodus takes place after two year the events of Last Night and it’s time to see what remained of the world, 30 years after the end of the nuclear war.

“It’s time to leave the ruins of Moscow, and journey beyond”

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

Artyom will learn to live outside starting from one thing that in the underground didn’t exist, something totally new and unexpected: the seasons.

The outside world, anyway, isn’t less ruthless and bloody of the underground, the dangerous of the post-apocalyptic environment are always lying in wait.

The new desert is treacherous, the hot is terrible and exhausting.

The world is populated by the mutants, creatures riddled by the radiations: like spiders, bears, dogs, but even demons and the same human beings, even if there is nothing more than human.

Between the Artyom’s enemies there are even human beings of different factions.

The game is a first person shooter, it will probably be the first one where we will see the ray tracing in realtime and, it is since the E3 2018, betweem the most awaited and commented of the kind.

But the most relevant characteristic of Metro is the location, right that location bloody and ruthless that the editors at the beginning considered too much.

The Moscow underground is a masterpiece, even eaten by the smokes that during the years warmed the survivor population. Even though it was putrid and rotten it was Artyom’s house.

But the outside world will be a great new, even though it is polluted by the post-apocalyptic darkness too, it is kissed by the sun and cooled by the wind.

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