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Designed the standard web site for all the italian towns

standard website

In all the italian towns there are always, in a systematic way, the same bureaucratic problems.

Daily administrative problems, like going to the municipal offices and waiting hours to obtain informations or make easy functioning, like the one of the renewal of the identity card.

All operations that could be comfortably made at home, through, for example, an appropriate and functional web site.

This is the reason that pushed the team for the digital transformation of the italian government to design a standard web site for all the italians tows. The prototype has been already realized and the first town to test it will be Cagliari.

Easy and efficient

The main problem is right the thing that not all are able to move between the web site and, after many attempts to reach the page with the needed informations, it’s preferred to give up and to straight go on the relevant offices.

The unique model wants to be easy and efficient, user-friendly and affordable to all. A unique model adopted by all the eight thousand and more italian towns.

The same team for the digital transformation of the italian government writes by presenting the project: “The model proposes a standard to all the towns that want to make its website easier and more efficient, on the base of the real needs of the citiziens”.

What will be possible to do on the unique web site

Sito web standard

On the portal will be possible to do a serie of operations that will simplify the life of the citizien. It will be possible to get informations about the events or about the changes of the viability.

It will be possible to register the childrens to the school or to know the rules about the recycling. It will be, therefore, possible to book an appointment, for the renewal, for example, of the identity card. And so on.

The project is due to improve and to simplify the life of the citiziens, to lighten the job of the public officials, to speed up the italian bureaucracy and to make the managment of the territory by the public administration substantially more transparent.

How does the standard web site work

The first practical experimentation of this prototype will start from the town of Cagliari in open source mode and it will be even in mobile first mode, so to guarantee an easy and quick surfing even from the smartphone.

Everything will be available inside the development’s kit of Designers Italia in pure html format, so to can freely check it, together with further patterns and elements that every town could use to adapt the unique model to its own needs.

The idea is that the design work of every town will start from the standard elements tested and verified by the users, so that every town could focus on the uniqueness elements of the service/city, without having to invent again the wheel”.

The first prototype

Sito web standard

The first prototype of standard web site is been realized in mobile first mode, like we said. It was thought, infact, that right the smartphone will be the device mainly used and, so, why not to try to better use it.

For example it will be possible to obtain informations or to sign a problem starting from a QR Code on public advertsing or posters.

The core of the site is the one dedicated to the services. Every service will be introduced by an explanation about the same service, in an easy and dynamic way, so to obtain efficient results in the research of the service most suitable with the citizien’s needs.

The informations about the service basically are: what is it, to whom is addressed, how much time do we need to obtain it and what do we have to do to obtain it.

In the homepage we find an overview of the contents and the services offered by the site. Even the research functioning is well studied, through keywords and filters.

Finally, every citizien will be able to access to his own personal area, where there will be the requestes for payment, status of the started procedures, timetables, etc.

The beginning of the project

The town of Cagliari is testing the first prototype of this model, but the standard web site is only the final result of a serie of experiences.

Experiences like the site of the Town of Florence, designed by following the guide lines of Designers Italia and active since last year. Or like, for example, the platform of the Region Veneto “My Portal 3”, which host 150 towns of the region.

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