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What colours to choose for our own web site


Choosing the colours for a web site is one of the essential phases that must not be neglected. This because the colour can help to give a different sense of the site and invite the viewer to stay in and don’t run literally away.
For this reason it is essential to give the right importance to this phase and to carefully focus on the chooses that we will take.

Elements to consider

When we choose the colours for our own web site we need to consider some essential elements. Like we said the logic that regulates this kind of choose is the “colour’s psychology” which allows to have a different sensation according to the chromaticity chooses of the developers.
Basically the user that see every site notes, unconsciously, firstly the colour used for the realization of the web space.
It is really important so that this is coherent with the topic of the web site and that it isn’t absolutly incompatible with it.

The target of users to which we approach with is really important and it can really help in this way. For web sites that talk about medicine for example a pure white that communicates cleanness can be ideal, while maybe for a site about the childhood surely very bright and happy colours will transmit the right message.
In every case to find the right colour it is essential to evaluate the topic that we are talking about and the potential audience that we will have, in this way we will surely take the right choose.

Examples and colours

After understanding the importance of the colours in the realization of a web site and their practical application it is good to analyze some example that can be really useful.
Like we said every chromaticity’s shadow has a meaning and it is really important to understand which are the ones that can be useful.

Let’s see together some specific colours



The blue is one of the suggested colour by most of the web designer because it transmits professionalism. It isn’t a case that are many the companies that choose to use this kind of colour and the results in term of views are clear.
This because this colour reminds the pureness of the water or even the peace of the sky and for this reason it is able to transmit absolute serenity.

To understant the potentialities of this colour we just have to think that even Facebook the biggest social network of the moment chose this kind of solution. To be onest it was a stroke of luck, because the choose was conditioned by a type of colour blindness of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, that said to an important american news organization: “The blue is the richest colour for me, I’m able to see it, in its integrity“.



The green is another really interesting solution that can be really usefull. We are talking about a colour that reminds the nature and all of its elements and that symbolises the revival and the fertility. This kind of solution is ideal for who wants to transmit welfare and optimism to the viewer even if it can have many meanings like for example lucky and youth.

If we choose it in darker chromaticity shadows this colour represents even the money and, so, economic stability.



The yellow is one of the most used colour because of its peculiarities. Especially this solution reminds the happiness and the energy. Often it is a colour even related to the food and in general it is able to stimulate the curiosity.

If we use it in darker chromaticity shadows tendent even to the gold it is able to transmit wisdom and authority.



Finally the red is another between the most used colour for this kind of uses. Specifically infact we are talking about a colour that transmits energy and in general it is able to catch the attention.

If we use it in darkest shadows it can transmit stability while in warmest and brightest shadows it is appropriate for young web sites that want to give the idea of energy and impulsivity.

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