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The best PS4 coop games

giochi coop

Play an alone title is without any doubt a charming and funny experience. Anyway we have to say that enjoy a coop game suggesting our partner and helping him during the dangerous situations is all another thing.
The coop is something that, infact, during the last years saw an ever major growth which determined an incredible success.
Let’s see together which are the best coop games for PS4.

Gang Beasts

What is better then hit our own friends with some colourful and funny dolls? Gang Beasts is this and so on in a whirlwind of shadows and interesting aspects.
Specifically this title gives the possibility to play in cooperative in different environments characterised by completly usuful places.
The purpose is to push down from the platforms the adversaries even if do it it isn’t so easy. We will need to take advatages from the environment to get the better of the others and to understand which elements can made more damages and donate us the winning.
The animations and the mechanics are really interesting and able to create tense moments with players literally hung with a finger to the platforms.
A game that is worth to try with friends to spend funny afternoons in company.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

giochi coop

One of the best coop games, that we could define basically brilliant. Like the title suggests it is a title focused on disarm bombs. The mechanics, though, are really interesting and funny at the same time.
Specifically one of the gamers wears a viewer, finding himself in front of a real bomb to disarm.
The other gamers, though, are equipped with a manual, where there are all the solutions to the puzzles that are possible to find on the bomb.
The heart of the game is there. The gamers, infact, will have to talk between them to understand which are the riddles and in which way it is possible to solve them before the bomb explodes.
A really funny game that is worth to try with everyone we prefere.


giochi coop

Another title to put between the best PS4 coop games is Overcoocked. Specifically we are talking about a cooking game that allows the players to communicate between them. The purpose, obviusly, is the one to prepare dishes in the way to satisfy the requestes of the characters that we will met during our adventure.
The great is that it is possible to play until a maximum of 4 persons and it will be essential cooperate. We will need, infact, to prepare all the ingredients that will allow us to create every dish in the minimum details.
The graphic is very cartoonish and funny and it allows without any doubt to spend many leisure moments together.

Hidden Agenda

giochi coop

Hidden Agenda is without any doubt one of the absolutly best coop games. Firstly we have to say that this title finally break down the joypad’s wall, allowing to play straight from our own smartphone.
The concept is really easy: there are many investigative cases to which a detective is working.
The gamers’ duty is the one to influence the detective’s choises bringing him to a precise direction.
The nice thing of this game is that it is possible to play until a maximum of 6 persons in the coop mode or in the competitive mode with a gamer to which is been given a secret target.
In every case we are talking without any doubt about a game where the community determines the results and allows to obtain an outcome instead of another with an influenceable story in the most of its aspects.

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