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Far Cry 5: review of the game

Far Cry 5

After a waiting that seems to the most diehard fans infinte, finally returns one of the most emblematic Ubisoft‘s saga arrived to its fifth chapter.
Far Cry 5 is a title that was waited for long but that was able to fulfit the initial premises and what the passionated were waiting for.
Let’s go to discover what kind of game are we talking about.

Locations and structural aspects

Contrary to the previous titles Far Cry 5 doesn’t suggest a desert island or a remote asiatic region but the american hinterland, precisely the Montana, in a fake town called Hope County.
The landscapes are well done, like always in Far Cry, in the minimum details to offer to the gamer a totally empathy with the lush and thriving nature.
If the landscape gives important news’ elements we have to say the same about the story, which has common points with the previous titles, but, for many others, it is completly different bringing aspects totally innovative. Far Cry 5

The first news that without any doubt we see is the presence of 4 villain unlike the other titles, which had only an enemy full of charisma.
We have to say that this kind of choise is been made even because of the larger size of the map and its division in zones. Every zone, infact, is controlled by a boss which has to be eliminated to carry on and finally arrive to the principal one.
But which is the narrative thread in the whole game?


The story of Far Cry 5 is maybe one of the most interesting aspect of this title. All the heart of the game is represented by a strange cult spreaded in the region of Hope County and that slowly degenerates until to create a real fanatic sect.
In charge of this religious cult there is Joseph considered by his followers a real God, which will literally open the Heaven’s doors thanks to a crazy plan called Eden’s Gate.
Besides is doctrine founded on the violence and on the heretics’ elimination, Joseph developed a hallucinogen drug called “gaudio”, thanks to it he is able to control the people’s minds and to create real soldier ready to do everything. Far Cry 5

A really weel done story but that doesn’t give importance to the realism and often flows in implausibe situations and not realy practicable in the reality. An example is that the region is literally locked down to avoid external actions or the presence of an incredible numbers of cultists which see us and attack us whatever we are doing (including speaking with other characters).

Co-op and mercenaries

If graphic, locations and story are aspects incredibly well done of Far Cry 5 we have to say that to them we have to add even the possibility to play this title in company and making specific strategies. The developers, infact, gave to the users the possibility to play the videogame completly in co-op enjoying the high number of principal and secondary missions with a friend.

Furthermore between the introduced news there is the presence of mercenaries which could be hired to combat with us until a maximum of nine. They can be people hired in the streets or hostages saved in cultists’s camps. 
In this way it is possible to plan the attack’s action and even be cured in the time of need, even if the precision of the mercenaries isn’t always impeccable and, though, in many occasion they create more damages than advantages.

Final vote

Analizing all the aspects of this Far Cry 5 we can say that it has some positive aspects like:

  • Well done locations
  • Immersive story
  • Bigger map
  • 4 characteristics villain

And negative aspects like:

  • Sometimes not really realistic
  • Presence of some bugs and glitchs

Anyway in accordance of those elements just listed the final vote for this title is 8.5 because it is a game able to donate many hours of fun bringing forward one of the most absolutly loved series.

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