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Sustainable speaker with recycled batteries

Let’s think about a speaker bluetooth that keeps alive thanks to the energy of the recycled batteries. That’s the new project of sustainable speaker launched by Gomi in limited editions.

What’s a sustainable speaker?

It’s a speaker that spreads sounds, musics and voices. Alexa is an example of it, but even a simple speaker to listen spotify at home is part of this category.

If we say sustainable speaker we are talking about something which is more that the simple concept of object for the music and we enter in the world of the eco-sustainability. 

speaker sustainable gomi
Gomi is the sustainable speaker realized with material in recycled plastic from the batteries of the bikes – and not only

Gomi is the first speaker in the world launched as a limited edition realized with the recycled batteries of the disused electric bikes of the world network Lime.

Lime, few months ago, bought even Jump and Uber, and thanks to all the disused e-bikes will cooperate to this project where they will use about 50 thousands cells.

Plastic and sustainable speaker

The autonomy will arrive to twenty hours of reproduction. A speaker with a rectangular shape made with coloured plastic marble effect.

The sustainability of this speaker isn’t limited to the batteries, which are carefully checked and cleaned after being removed from the first generation of e-bikes.

Even the design of the product is made by using the recycle, in this case is plastic (100%). Basically, the equivalent of 100 bags of plastic in not recyclable or flexible plastic enters in the body of each speaker.

The speaker Gomi is the successor of other speakers already launched by using the plastic garbage which are complex to reuse.

The plastic garbage are the 85% of the pollution on our beaches. The flexible plastic (LDPE) is made by plastic bags, pluriball and film for pallet. 

The creators took inspiration from the complete cycle of life of the plastic products. The basic idea of the project Gomi is to intercept the flow of garbage that is going to the dump. 

Medium life of the sharing vehicles

An initiative which gives even one of the many ways for the sustainability to Lime and to other companies of micro sharing mobility.

To soften a bit the frequent exchange of the vehicles that’s the right occasion to make their service almost 100% sustainable.

sustainable speaker with the batteries recycled from the e-bike
Many platforms of bike sharing gives the possibility to sustainable travel. But what will happen when the bikes stop to work? Gomi is the sustainable speaker created with the recycled batteries.

In the past other platforms alike were criticized for this reason. If from a side they save to the environment thousands of kilometers made with the cars, with all the consequences about the CO2 emissions saved on the local ecosystems, from the other side the medium life of this kind of vehicle is often short and the cycle of its production and of its disposal risks to neutralize the positive impact of its period of service.

Now these companies can demonstrate to the world that they don’t only support the eco transport and the health, but they even think to what will come next, when the vehicles will finish their life.

Lifetime warranty

They are available in green, black, blue and in the curious “birthday cake”, the speakers are covered by a lifetime warranty that, according to the gadget soul, allows a repair all the times that it needs.

This will avoid us to throw away the sustainable speaker in case of malfunction which can be solved by the assistant.

A small initiative that opens another way. With the increase of the vehicles for the micro mobility on the roads of our cities we might think to the reusage of metals, plastic, litium batteries, tire and other components.

This project is pushing even other sectors to work on the reusage of pieces of their vehicles. An example are the colossus of the cars Nissan and Mecedes-Benz that want to convert the batteries of their electric cars in big batteries to integrate in the production network to avoid the fluctuations of the furniture.

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