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Paying the road tax with the SPID: here you have how to do it

If you don’t have a digital identity yet it’s the moment to do it. The SPID became the passepartout code for the online services of all the public authorities or to do payments. Today we’ll see how to pay the road tax with the SPID.

The road tax

For who doesn’t know it, the road tax is a tax for the car to pay in Italy.

A tax that many don’t love. However it must be paid on time every year. The interests of late-payment with the time might become huge and if we decide to sell the vehicle the road tax must be all paid.

spid road tax
None likes to pay the road tax. As much as all the taxes it’s a cost and we have to do the line at the Post Office. Now we don’t have to do it anymore with SPID.

Often paying the road tax means doing lines and crowd at the bank or in the post office. Luckly it’s possible to do it at home, by spending less time and energy.

Between the many methods of smart payments there are, since this year it’s possible to pay it with the SPID, the digital identity specifically created to access to the services of public authorities in Italy.

What’s the SPID?

It meansa unique system of access with digital identity. A kind of smart ID. It’s used to check our social insurance and to access to the services of the public authorities or to member private services.

The SPID is free, but it must be required and activated. You can choose between the many free or payment modes, by asking to a manager of digital ID.

The first one that release it for free is Poste Italiane. If you are a freelancer it might be useful using Aruba, Infocert, Register, or other manager of data center.

Once obtained it doesn’t have any cost or subscription and you will use to access to the services that we already mentioned.

Paying the road tax with the SPID

Let’s now talk about the road tax, how to pay it with the SPID once obtained our digital identity?

You will have to download even the app IO, an application wanted by the Ministry of Innovation which takes place in the plan of digitalization of the Government.

With the SPID the Public authorities are able to give to the citizen the possibility to do all the operation from remote. In this way it will be possible to pay all the taxes by avoiding the long lines and by saving time.

spid e app IO del ministero dell'innovazione
To pay the road tax with the SPID you will need the application of the Ministry of the InnovationIO.

Between the other functions of IO we have the bonus cashback, or the one of receiving the notifications about the payments deadline. We can even exchange messages with the Public authorities.

Let’s download the app. Now enter with your SPID. The first operation to do is to add the method of digital payment that you would like to use, even more than one.

Now you are ready to use IO and your SPID as a pocket from which you can take the money to pay your road tax.

It will be enough to select the voice Services from the menu on the bottom and then choose Nationals. There will be a serie of public authorities between which the ACI, which is at the first place because the authorities are in alphabetical order.

In the category ACI select the voice Road tax and do the payment. Now you will receive the payment receipt in the section Notifications. Easy, isn’t it?

Why should we have the SPID?

You only have to try, not only for the road tax of your loved car. Having the SPID became essential.

Between all the other things it’s useful to check your social insurance and to ask for some bonus that the authority gives to who needs it through the INPS.

A new system, but functional, which seems to be the future of the management of the online services, as much as that maybe it will become a mandatory to have one.

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