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Ghost of Tsushima: the samurai are back

Ghost of Tsushima

It was just released the preview, Ghost of Tsushima is the new videogame for PS4 which takes place in Japan in the thirteenth century.

Ghost of Tsushima: for who wants to make a jump into the past of Japan

The atmospheres of the videogame are the one of the 1270 and the mongolian Empire is ruled by Kublai Khan, which edges are very large. It’s part of it the whole central Asia until to arrive to the Corea. Gengis Khan is the nephew of Kublai Khan and part of the island of Tsushima with its army with the intention to destroy the samurai. His supremacy is absolute: Gengis Khan is powerful, he has innovative weapons and he uses unknown technics, it is the story which is the background of the adventure of the new game for PS4.

You will so wear the shoes of Jin Sakai, you learnt the art of samurai from your uncle Shimura that learnt you how to fight the mongols you must become legendary. The way will be long and painful, especially under the pshicological level. The samurai infact is an alone human being, and you will see it well during the game, a warrior out of the time that avoids modernity.

Ghost of Tsushima
You will become a real samurai Bushido

Without show off to create extremely realistic atmospheres, the videogame is able to let the passionate of samurai and feudal Japan immerse themselves in a full of detail setting. You will suffer the training as well as real samurai: you will train yourself with the Bushido, the serie of precepts that are explained in the text Hagakure and that open the way to the real warriors. You will learn to know the forests of the japanese area, the souls of the ancestors, the nature and the meaning that it has in the japanese culture.

If you are cinema lovers then, you will notice even smart quotes about movies of Akira Kurosawa, the authors infact are real lovers of the genre and they studied his works to realize a specific mode of game.

The style

Ghost of Tsushima is realized with a simple gameplay, it is infact a typical adventure open-world, which is very big. The mechanics by the way aren’t very innovative. Especially the developers used the technic of the free flow, the one that most of us saw in titles like Batman Arkkham or in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The sequences are fast, the rythm is never relaxed, few shots with precise sequences of buttons to win.

To improve the battle we can use the Stance, or some particular positions and we can buy new weapons ever more performing. This doesn’t mean that it is an easy title, but it runs easily thanks to a linear progression of the story.

The intention of the studio Sucker Punch Productions though it wasn’t only the one to create a war title, but to bring the player in suggestive and immersive places and atmospheres. Many are the quotes to the biggest japanese samurai and to their culture. Leaving so only in the background the fightings and avoiding sessions that appear timeless.

Ghost of Tsushima
To catch the attention in Ghost of Tsushima are mainly the atmospheres

For this reason you will be so able to feel the landscapes of movies like The seven samurai or Sanjuro thanks to the Kurosawa mode. Which isn’t a simple filter in B/N but the possibility to film in first person a movie which is still to discover.

Sucker Punch Productions was able to do a further step toward compared with Infamous, the previous title, by taking care to the artistical aspect as well as the sound trackr and realizing a small jewel for the real experts.

PlayStation 4 presented this summer two videogames: The Last of Us 2 and right Ghost of Tsushima. If in the first case there was the phenomenon of Review Bombing that muddied the popularity of the title, in this case instead the positive comments were a lot. Infact compared with the videogames average for PS4 it arrived to 9.3 on 10. It’s been very few the titles that were able to pass the edge of 9 on Metacritic.

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