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Jitsi Meet, the alternative to Zoom for your videocalls

Jitsi Meet

The job moves at home. Now the smartworking, the consulences and the upgrading and learning courses on-line became our daily bread. Do you know which are the most known platforms? Do you know Jitsi Meet?

The platforms and the apps with which you can organize meeting and videoconferences increase

The list of the most used sees at the first position Microsoft Teams, with up to 20 millions of daily views. Between the most chatted on the web instead there is Zoom, a flexible application used especially for the webinar. Even Facebook created a Workplace, an application mainly focused on the companies where it’s possible to synchronize events and agendas, that has an easy version for smartphone and tablet which is very competitive and easy to use.

In this scenario starts to play even a new platform fully free and easy to use that doesn’t provide the installation of any software. We are talking about Jitsi meet.

Jitsi Meet
The System of Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is free and easy to use

This app, even though doesn’t need any subscription, is surely functional and complete. The thing that makes it such competitive is that we don’t need to register ourselves on it, not even having an email address to use it. It’s is infact a web-based software, which means that all you need to use it is a web browser, or the app downloadable for free from our app store for smartphone and tablet.

To start a simple call, it will enough to connect ourselves to the website meet.jit.si and to click on the botton “Start a call”. Once called our conference, it will enough to share the link that the webiste created for our room for everyone that will have to partecipate to the meeting.

Jitsi Meet
How to create a room on Jitsi Meet

Let’s talk about its potentialities. Jitsi meet has the possibility to connect up to 35 people (this number is suggested by the developers to allow high level performances, but theoretically the software is able to support much more users). As well as the other platforms it gives the possibility to the users to share their own screen and it integrates the live streaming functions.

The developers suggest to give a specific name to our video conference: which must be related to the main argument. After the creation of the room it will be created this link and the website will ask you to create a password to enter in the room. These steps are required to make the videocall safer and to protect even the contents. Furthermore this software uses the technology hop-by-hop, which means that every step of the videocall is partially cryptographer. This kind of technology isn’t considered perfect by the web experts, though it helps to protect the contents of the video conference.

With Jitsi Meet you can share your video conference on Youtube

Here you have another very interesting thing, that makes Jitsi very competitive compared to the most famous platforms: you can share the contents of the videocall simultaneously on youtube. This allows to much more users to interact and to debat of the contents directly.

Jitsi Meet
On Jitsi you can even create a Live Streaming on Youtube

Jitsi is in italian language and without time limtes

This allows it to be an app that help easily and for free all the ones that work from remote and to easily and fastly cooperate with the colleagues, or with the students.

Who use it? In this moment it is mainly used by who offers consulences on-line; professional of the wellness sector or that talk about the psychotherapy from the remote. The idea is the one of a group that can share the personal experiences, besides that the work or study contents.

What else can do Jitsi Meet?

Everthing the other platforms of videoconference can do, like for example blurrying the video in case we don’t want to show what we are doing during the call, or to share our agenda (the software is integrated with Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar). The calls can be recorded, to be review and reworked. We can even decide to switch off our microphone.

Basically, Jitsi Meet is what you need if you have to create a web place where you can feel safe to share your contents without download a software on your PC. On the web it’s suggest instead of the most used platforms for the work from remote because it doesn’t have limits and it is open source, but especially because it is the most useful for who isn’t used about computer and tries to interact with friends and/or customers.

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