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White noises: cradled by a horror lullaby

Teddy bears white sounds

What do they have in common the White Noises, in the horror movies and in the most recent technological teddy bears for the children?

Surely we don’t imagine the soundtrack of a horror movie like White noise“, to let our baby fall asleep, however it seems that some kinds of white noises, they can help to fall asleep and to keep a quiet and deep sleep.

DJ mum: white noises inside the belly 

The white noises are a constant sound spectre. The result is a monotone and continuos sound, like the sound of a hoover or of a hair dryer, that put who is listening in trance, that let us relax.

The theory is that the children, exposed for nine months to the sounds while he’s inside mummy’s belly, he fell safe by these sounds that remember him right the muffled environment of the womb. 

It seems, even, that these sounds can be compared to the flow of the blood inside mummy’s veins  to all that intrauterine sounds that the bebè heards during the pregnancy. 

I rumori bianchi ricordano l’ambiente ovattato dell’utero.
The white noises remembers the muffled environment of the womb.

White noises for children: last generation teddy bears

The creators of toys produced last generation teddy bears that reproduce many kinds of white rumors

These toys have firstly the advantage to conciliate the sleep, but even to cover some background sounds. In this way the parents can do some daily duties, while the older sister or brother can easily play, even if the baby is sleeping. 

The white noises tested by the staff

The staff tested for you one of the teddy bear currently available on the marketplace, the myHummy

Besides the name and the simple but attractive design, myHummy has, in its basic version, already 5 kinds of white rumors: the hair dryer, the hoover, the sea waves, the rain and the intrauterine sounds with the heartbeat. 

The parent that switch on for the first time this teddy bear, will have many doubts about the mess of sounds that will hear. However the miracle will happen: the baby is hypnotized, he stops to cry and slowly he relaxes until to fall asleep.

After few attempts, we will be able to understand which will be the most perfect sound for our baby and the myHummy will become a valid friend of adventure, even outside home. 

Il bambino resta come ipnotizzato dai rumori bianchi
The baby is hypnotized by the white rumors

Pros and cons of the toys that emits white rumors

Radio emissions and safety

An important point to consider while we buy one of those toys, is the safety under the point of view of the radio emissions.  

The versions that don’t request the support of the app have zero radio emissions, because they work with a battery, like every other toy. For the top of the line models, that provides the connection with a smartphone, we must consider the impact of the Bluetooth

Limit the decibel

To avoid future problems to the hearing, we suggest to not put the device too close to the baby’s ears. 

The preferences of your baby

Obviusly, there isn’t a guarantee that your baby will love the white sounds, because the life of every person, and so of every baby, is different and it isn’t possible to predict which are the likings, but this happen with every kind of toy. 

The technological mum keep the control of the white noises

The toys that emit white noises, in their most advanced versions, are even equipped with a movement sensor that allows it to switch on again when the baby move. Other are even connected to an app that allows the remote control by a parent. 

The app in the most advanced version of myHummy allows for example to choose our own favourite sound, to switch on the movement sensor, to check the battery level, to select the last of the sound emission and even to create an album with the pictures of the children to customize with exclusive digital stickers.

So a real must for mums and dads that can’t live without their smartphone.

La app della versione avanzata di myHummy permette di controllare a distanza il tipo e la durata dei rumori bianchi
The app of the advanced version of myHummy allows to remotely control the kind and the last of the white noises.

The white sounds on Spotify and Youtube

If you would like to try the effect of the white noises on yourself or on your children, Spotify and Youtube have many playlist to concilate the sleep or even the concentration

In case you would like to try the white noises on your children, it’s important to consider the wrong impact of the electromagnetic waves of your smartphone or computer during the reproduction of the playlist.

An original and technological gift

Often we have many doubts in front of the possible gifts for a birth. Especially if we don’t have any experience with the children, it can be very hard to choose a perfect gift. 

The teddy bears that emit white noises can be a valid and original option because, let’s say it, for a new parent, there isn’t more precious gift than a great night of sleep!

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