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The best browser games

Browser Game

Often we buy a videogame for some tens of euros, or we wait hours before a download ends on our pc or on any other device. In some cases we don’t have a console to use, we can’t physically go to buy a videogame or we don’t want to overloading our computer. In these cases the browser games are a valid alternative.

What is a browser game?

The browser games are videogames playable online, through any browser, only by connecting on its own website.

The browser games have many advantages. First of all, obviusly, is that they don’t need any installation or download, unless, maybe, for some plug in. The absence of installation and the typical characteristic to be online, allows the user to access to his own match from every device, even if we aren’t in front of our personal computer.

The browser games adapt themselves to every kind of player, from the beginners to the most experts. There are some of them for a single player or even for multiplayer. Finally, another characteristic of the browser games, that for many is the real reason that brought them to success, is that they are often free. The developers, infact, most of the times earn thanks to the sale of skin, optional accessories and exclusive elements, that the players can buy to excelling.

The Facebook’s browser games

The browser games were around between the videoplayers already in the ’90s. Stellar Crisis, for example, which was released in the 1993, is considered the first multiplayer strategic browser game. It’s right the strategic browser game that had an incredible success.

Farmville had success thanks to Facebook

A quantum leap was, then, made thanks to the advertising of Facebook. Many browser games, infact, found an original way to reach the success. By connecting the game with the most famous social network it’s possible to climb the global leagues, to challenge the friends, to see who, between our friends list, is the best one or try to become ourselves the bests.

Between the ones that passed through Facebook there were the managerial browser games, mostly created by Zynga, to had the biggest success. The most famous is maybe Farmville, where we have to manage our own farm, from which are derived many other managerial games, from the tropical island, to the holiday village, from the city to the spa.

The best browser games

Many browser games allow to develop whole civilizations, from the ancient Rome to the space colonization. They are multiplayer and they have different characteristics. But which are the best ones?


Travian is an online videogame Massively multiplayer, which means it’s an online multiplayer able to support thousands of players simultaneously. The game takes place in an imaginary world, populated by the tribes of Romanian, Gaulus and Teutons. Each player can freely choose one of the three population, but be careful, the choice can’t be change during the match.


Every civilization has its own characteristics. The romanian are the most balanced and culturally advanced. The Gaulus are more peaceful and, so, their strong suit is the defense. The Teutons, finally, are the most aggressive, and they are all focused on the attack.

Once chosen the civilization we have to help it thrive, first of all. Only in this way we can prevail on the others.


Even OGame is a strategical browser game, this time, though, we will be in the space. Every player will start with his own planet and he will have to let it thirve, until to arrive to the colonization of other planets. Our own galaxy empire will need many resources to thrive, first of all it’s the dark matter.


OGame is divided in many servers, which are called, in this case, universes. But the players of the different universes can’t interact with each other. We can, instead, interact with the players of our universe, but it isn’t small. Every universe, infact, is divided in nine galaxies, each one of them has 499 solar systems.


With Ikariam, finally, we arrive in the ancient greek world. Every player has to develop his own empire, bu starting from the first polis.


The universe of Ikariam is divided in worlds, which are called with the letters of greek alphabete. Even in this case every world is a different server. Every world is then divided in island, each one of them with 16 empthy spaces where to build the polis, which are the cities.

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