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The advantages of ergonomic keyboards and mouses

Microsoft sculpt

They are still used really few on the work places, but choose an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can make the difference. They are usefull to comforatble work and to not get tired, especially they can avoid the risk, over the time, to have unpleasant diseases.

The ergonomic keyboards

It isn’t well know as instrument, however the ergonomic keyboard can really make much easier the writing. It is useful for the ones that create texts or write codes, it helps even who does researchers, the secretaries and all the people that have to work for many hours with the PC.

The ergonomic keyboard allows to reduce the muscle tension, infact it allows to keep hands and arms, and even the thumbs, in more natural positions, which are so much more comfortable, compared to the classic layout to which we are used to.

The keyboards with ergonomic designs are studied for who writes by using a all the fingers of the hands, it is so obvioua but it can be really unconfortable for the ones that, instead, uses only one or two fingers to type the keys. After this introduction let’s go to explore the ergonomic keyboards word.

ergonomic keyboard
The keyboard Microsoft Sculpt with the padded wrist stand, keyboard and mouse are sold with the kit

If you have a lot of space, you can go for the confortable and large keyboard Microsoft Sculpt. The design is realised in separated sections, while the wrist are supported by a large padded wrist stand. The price maybe is not for everyone, on the marketplace, infact, we can find it for about 100 euros, there are though included even the number pad and even the mouse, which is ergonomic too.

For who has less space it’s instead possible to choose a much more minimalist keyboard. By Kinesis the model Freestsyle is made by two pieces that is possible to place like we like, we can choose the inclination too. The model by Kinesis costs about 100 euros too, but being it much smaller can be even carry with us while we move to work.

Separated keyboard
The separated keyboard by Kinesis Freestsyle is fully adjustable

If you don’t want to spend so much you can choose instead Perixx Periboard, which is maybe the cheaper on the marketplace, the wrist stand is hard and it isn’t padded, but it is able to give a great support during the writing too. The price of the Periboard is about 40 euros.

Tastiera e mouse ergonomici
The cheaper ergonomic keyboard is the Perixx Periboard

The ergonomic mouses

The ergonomic mouses have really weird and unusual shapes, but they are a worthy ally for the health of your hands too. The median nerve so isn’t compromised anymore and we avoid problems like the carpal tunnel disease.

There are many shapes of them: for example the classic ones have a handgrip very similar to the traditional ones even if it’s larger and more confortable.

Ergonomic mouses
The mouse by Logitech MX Ergo Mouse has a traditional handgrip

One of the best ones is the Logitech MX Ergo Mouse which price is important for a mouse and it’s about a hundred of euros. But there are models by athor brands very similar to it and they are about thirty euros.

If you like to change so you can choose between them, which are futuristic, with a vertical handgrip. These models are studied to keep the wrist straight and doesnt’ force the thumb, by giving a much more natural handle compared to the traditional mouses.

Ergonomic mouses
The mouse with a vertical handgrip by JTD costs only 23 euros

In this case it’s possible to choose a model Logitech too, but of a higher range, which is sold at about 100 euros. Or to choose a cheaper model realized by JTD:  for a price of 23 euros you can relieve the tension to the wrist without giving up to aiming accuracy and design.

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