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IFA 2019 the most interesting news and the most curious ones

The entrance of the IFA 2019

The IFA is the most long lived international fair of home electronics which takes place in Berlin every year between the end of august and the beginning of september. The edition of the IFA 2019 took place from the 6th to the 11st of september. For home electronics we mean right that sector about the hi-tech industry. The fair provides an area dedicated to the most futuristic technolgy, which is called IFA NEXT.

To this exhibition partecipate all the bigger producers of the world, together with the small companies, and we can see the presentations of the new products which will be launched on the marketplace afterwards.

The most interesting news of the IFA 2019

It was presented right during this event the Swift 5 by Acer, a really light and thin notebook: it weights 990 grams, with a width of less than 1,5 cm. Even though those characteristics it has a high autonomy, according to the producers infact it should be able to work without electric supply for more than 12 hours. It has a cpu Intel Core i7 of tenth generation and a graphic card Nvidia GeForce MX250.

IFA 2019
Swift 5 of the Acer

Always the Acer shown its portable headlamp C250i created to work in wireless with images and videos sent at the moment from smartphones and tablets. Even here we have a long life battery which guarantees 5 hours of projection, with a powerful and clear audio. It is perfect for work’s presentations, but even at home, and why not, instead of the tv.

The news for the gamers

A special attention for the gamers, Acer infact presents to the IFA 2019 a new gaming laptop: the Predator Triton 300, with its characteristic look. It has a processor Core i7 pf ninth generation with a card Nvidia GTX 1650. The cooling fan is an AeroBlade 3D Fan, which uses the Predator PowerGem, a material which is able to faster dissipate the heat.

IFA 2019
The Predator Thronos Air with its three screens and the massage chair

Together with the new laptop there is even another new: the Predator Thronos Air. A real throne dedicated to the most videogames’ fans. It is equipped with 3 displays and an integrated massage in the chair. The price surely isn’t within anyone’s reach, considering that the basic model starts from 12.500 euros.

The new household appliances

For who wants a hand with the houseworks it was born Candy Rapid’O, that thanks to the application Snap&Wash and the application Candy Simply-Fi is possible to be informed in realtime about the current wash and it is therefore able to recognise the most suitable program just by looking to the clothes with the camera. The price is about 500 euros.

IFA 2019
Candy Rapid’O

Samsung Bespoke is a fridge that can be chosen in nine colours, with eight possible combinations and three different materials. The elements are modular from one to four doors. It is so an extremely customizable household appliance, according to the needs and the style. Soon it will arrive even in Italy.

The most particular gadgets to the IFA 2019

For who instead always dreamed about a paint inside his own home or inside the office it was born the Netgear Meural Canvas II, that promises a visual experience full of details, to enjoy all the details of the chosen masterpiece. Obviusly it is even to view normal pictures. It is for sale starting from 699 euros.

IFA 2019
With Netgear Meural Canvas II is possible to see the paint like live

To cleverly manage the household appliances and to decrease the consumptions it was born Iotty, a smart electric plug, to manage it we just have to push a botton or to use the dedicated app, it will arrive on the italian market at the beginning of the 2020.

Cellularline Wireless Octopus is a comfy wireless charger for iPhone, which is equipped with cups that let the smartphone perfectly stick, therefore it has a stand to easily support it while it’s charging. The price was fixed at 24,95 euros and it can be a great idea for a Christmas gift.

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