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Nvidia, the news in the sector: here you have the RTX2080 and the GeForce Now

The brand Nvidia is one of the most famous and known products of the electronic world, especially about the owners of computers and consoles for videogames.

The history of Nvidia

Nvidia infact produces graphic processors, chipset for mother cards and components for PC and consoles like the first XboxPlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch, in opposition of the competitor AMD (older and affirmed company, founded in the 1969, while Nvidia was founded in the 1993) especially in the sector of the graphic cards, in which it was able to obtain the monopoly in the 1999 by presenting the model which became their trademark, the GeForce.

Il logo della compagnia Nvidia
Company’s logo Nvidia


The birth of the GeForce

The GeForce 256 passed by all the other graphics cards, by presenting the so called Hardware T&L (Hardware Transform and Lighting) that process allowed to delegate to the graphic processor some calculations like the geometrical transformations and the light’s management, giving a bit of breath to the CPU, which could go on working on other processes, by making the procedures (in the biggest part of the cases, a videogame) much more fluid.

This allowed Nvidia to pass hardware’s colossuses like 3dfx (which has been absorbed by Nvidia in the 2002) and Matrox (still alive) and arriving to keep up to ATI, which was at the top of the sector (which has been absorbed in the 2010 by the californian rival company AMD).

La Nvidia GeForce 256 - Nvidia
Nvidia GeForce 256 – Nvidia

The technical sheet of GeForce256

  • Clock of Core: 120 MHz
  • Clock of memory: 166 MHz (150 MHz for the version with DDR SDRAM)
  • Graphic Core: 256-bit
  • Interface with memory: 128 bit
  • Triangles per second: 15 millions
  • Pixel per second: 480 millions
  • Memory: Until 128MB (but the common configurations are however of 32 MB)

Nvidia is a sane and strong company, with a constant emission of new high quality products with an average affordable price. The main news of this month are extremely interesting, let’s see them together.

The RTX 2080

The Graphic Card RTX 2080 is probably the best graphic card available on the marketplace now and it passes over the rival AMD Radeon Polaris 580 of 8GB (exactly it is still of the serie Polaris, they are letting us wait a lot for the new serie Vega).

The card is a real maximum weight, by letting the 4K last generation games work (we are talking about some bigs like Red Dead Redemption II) at 60 FPS (frame per second).

The word RTX indicates the capacity of the card to read the Ray Tracking (a rendering technology which is taking the place of the rasterization) inside the videogames.

Like you can see by the table below, the performances of the RTX 2080, which is part of the twentieth generation of graphic cards, those are something amazing, like the price is, due that it might pass the roof of 1000 euros.

La GeForce Rtx2080 - Nvidia
GeForce Rtx2080 – Nvidia

Technical sheet

Core CUDA43522944
Clock base1350MHz1515MHz
Clock boost1545MHz1710MHz
Clock memory14Gbps GDDR614Gbps GDDR6
Bus memory352-bit256-bit
FP power13.4 TFLOPs10.1 TFLOPs
Tensor power440T OPs440T OPs
Ray Tracing power
10 GRays/s8 GRays/s
GPUBig TuringTuring
Transistor number
18.6B16 B
Productive process
TSMC 12nm “FFN”TSMC 12nm “FFN”


The system GeForce Now

Cloud Gaming‘s system for GeForce Now: a pleasant new for the platform Nvidia. It’s a softwar that allow even to the less powerfull computer to let the games of last generation work without many problems (obviusly there are still some Lags, as well as a drastic fall of the graphic performances).

GeForce Now will prompt allow to join our own social media’s accounts and the biggest part of the digital delivery services for PC (like Steam, Battle.net, Origin, Uplay and the omnipresent Epic Games Store).

This will bring the user to have a huge game library with which play every moment without open every second all the programms’ serie.

At the moment GeForce Now is trying the beta of a new system of Clouding (or cloud computing) so to store our own game’s sections and to register our own matches.

La schermata Library della GeForce Now
The Library of GeForce Now – Nvidia

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