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Outdoor Green: self-generated clean energy

outdoor green renewable energies for the house

Not everyone knows about the possibility to have a supply for the house 100% green, sustainable and eco – friendly. Today we talk about outdoor green, which means self-generated clean energy.

What does outdoor green mean?

IT is a synonym of Green energy, which means that it comes from renewable sources. This is guaranted by Guarantees of Origin and electronic certifications released by the Manager of the Energetic Services (GSE), which confirme that the sources are renewable.

To have a supply 100% green there are many ways. Many use the solar panels, others insulate their home with recycled materials. An example of outdoor green building is the Bosco Verticale in Milano, planned by the architect Stefano Boeri.

For who doesn’t know what it is it’s the complex of two skyscrapers planned to renew an area of the city of Milan that in the years lost the shine.

outdoor green the bosco verticale in Milano
The Bosco Verticale in Milano is an example of outdoor green, which means a structure built according to the laws of the environmental sustainability.

The Bosco Verticale is in the directional center of Milan, on the edges of the district Isola and it is a kind of structure which peculiarity is the presence and the integration of two thousands tree species, between shrubs and high trees. An ambitious system that is focusing on the metropolitan reforestation and to increase the biodiversity of plants and animals of the city. A system that helps to the mitigation of the microclimate, where the real owners of the apartments of the two skyscrapers are the plants and not the people.

Why should we have a green supply?

Let’s now come back to the topic of the outdoor green, let’s see together why it’s important to think as much as possible to have an eco-sustainable supply.

First of all for the energetic saving. Infact, besides to be a way to save the environment and to reduce the greenhouse effect, thinking to a home that helps the environment and the that takes the energy from renewable sources means even saving about the 20% of our own energetic efficiency.

outdoor green for the energetic saving
For the energetic saving it’s very important to use raw materials that can be recycled and that self-generated. About the outdoor green, we are talking about the sun, the wind, but not only.

Therefore, the cost of a house that lives of self-generated energy is very low because the raw material doesn’t change, but it changes instead its origin, which doesn’t come from polluting sources, but from renewable sources like the wind or the sun, or even, like in the case of the Bosco Verticale, from the plants.

Outdoor Green means energetic efficiency

Did you ever hear about “passive home”? Here you have an example of outdoor green that focus on the energetic efficiency. How? Thanks to the planning of the structure with a domotic system, anti-intrusion and whit the videophone.

The first example of “passive home” was build in the province of Venice, with solutions that ensure the thermal comfort of who lives there, without using alternative energy sources for the heating.

A duplex, fully realized in wooden without the concrete. A house without heating systems, where the sum of the heat from the sun trasmitted from the windows are added to the ones generated by the household appliances to supply for the cold season.

An example of outdoor green where the insulation with rock wool together with perfect vent system, it guarantees a constant recycling of the air. This recycling is then connected to a heat pump that put hot air inside the vent in winter and cold one in summer.

But there is something more. In this new view of self-generated home the electricity and hot water are made by a photovoltaic implant. So, nothing is left to chance and everything looks to the future to help the environment and the human being health.

Domotic planning for the house of the future

At the end of all we can say that the outdoor green solution for the house of the future is domotic. A system of planning that study new technologies to improve the quality of the life.

A science that needs the support of many technologies and professionality. A combination of construction engineering, architecture, energetic and managerial engineering. So a combination of minds which come from many different worlds that can give us a better life.

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