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Apex 2020 arrives, the new smartphone Vivo

The concept of Apex 2020

Vivo celebrates ten years few months ago and it is the third generation of the smartphone Apex. Recentelly it starts to unveil its new jewel the Apex 2020, even if today it’s still a concept.

The concept of Apex 2020

If the project becomes a reality, this new smartphone will surely gain attention. Vivo in China is currently one of the stronger company on the marketplace and it realized this really surprising concept. It’s innovative and futuristic, it has a design without openings, which is called Unibody and a curved display of 6,45 inches FullView.

Apex 2020
The curved frame of the concept Apex 2020 at 120°

No more frames so and the corner of the display arrives up to 120°. Another detail of the design is the total absence of physical buttons, to switch on the new Apex 2020 we have to push a virtual button equipped with pressure detection.

The photographic section

Even the frontal camera disappear, the one for the selfie, or we have to better say that it’s invisible because it’s under the glass of the 6,45 inches screen. This camera is 16 mpx and it has a continuos swinging optical zoom (quite unique characteristic) of 5x until 7,5x. In this case to realize the selfies no algorithms that fill the focal lenghts with the digital enlargment, but a clearness and a resolution above the average.

apex 2020
The camera for the selfies is hidden under the glass of the screen

Infact the swinging optical zoom works with two fixed lens and two groups of mobile lens to allow to having a prompt focus.

But how is it possible to have an integrate camera? To realize this incredible innovation were moved the pixels so to increase in the camera position the transmission of the light up to 6 times, and eliminating meanwhile the diffraction and the interface with the optical, the rest is up to a dedicated software.

To firstly propose the idea of the idea of the under-screen camera was Oppo, The chinese brand controlled by the conglomerate of Dongguan Bbk Electronics, which is the same one of One Plus and Vivo.

The main camera, then, has 48 mpx: the cardan innovative structure is able to manage the optical stability in the many directions: on the front and on the back, right and left, and it allows incredibly clear images, especially for the night shots and the videos, compared with the smartphones that we are used to. The system is called Gimbal Camera and it allows pictures 200 times more stable compared with the normal systems OIS.

Other characteristics

Between the other news of the Apex 2020 is the wireless charging system Super FlashCharge 60 W that appears both able to fully recharge the battery in only 20 minutes.

apex 2020
The camera with 48 mpx equipped with technology Gimbal

The smartphone has a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, supported by a memory RAM of 12 GB, while the internal memory has 256 GB. Basically it wants to become the stronger platform hardware realized.

Unfortunatelly though this is still only a concept. There isn’t infact any information yet about a debut on the marketplace but even the price for now is unknow.

Vivo had to present it to the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona at the end of february, which might be a great starting point for the european marketplace, that though won’t be only postponed, but cancelled for this year.

For the most pessimistics the Apex 2020 will be only remained an idea and so never arrive in the shops, we might so wait for new communications by Vivo.


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