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LG G8x ThinQ, the smartphone for real gamers

Lg G8x ThinQ

The research for the smartphones is focusing to find solutions to create phones with ever bigger screens. This because ever more often they are used for activities like watching a movie or play videogames. The challenge though is the one to be able to keep reduced sizes. This is what even Lg is trying to do with the model LG G8x ThinQ.

Before of it we saw the Hauwei Mate X with its really particular foldable screen which is able even to switch on only one side while folded (becoming so a normal smartphone). Or the new Galaxy Fold, which isn’t available in Italy yet, but it’s on sale in corea and afterwards in France, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. Even this model provides a foldable screen, but from the inside, and it’s equipped with a further external screen (single) to easily use it, especially for the calls. About the LG’s smartphones, for now it is only a prototype, but it seems that we have anyway to wait to buy it.

Lg G8x ThinQ

The first experiment of LG about it it was the V50 ThinQ which was though an accessory, more than a smartphone. Infact it was a special flip cover equipped with a display OLED of 6,2 inches, specified for the smartphone LG V50. Once applied this special cover it was so possible to have a further screen perfect for games and work.

Lg G8x ThinQ
The prototype of LG with three screens, of which one external monochrome dedicated to the notifications

Lg G8x ThinQ instead will have a 6,4 inches display, a really minimal notch which allows a larger view. Even in this case the smartphone will be inserted into a special cover (this time already supplied) with a further screen always of 6,4 inches, that allows to view a complete keyboard by making it really similar to a tablet. Therefore there is even an external display, monochrome, useful to see the notifications and to quickly answer to the calls.

A big attention it was then given to the cameras’ department: three sensors of 12, 13 and 32 megapixel able to give big results even in conditions of low brigthness thanks to the function Reflector. Instead the function AI Action Shot recognises the movement during the shot and it compensates it by recognising the speed of the shutter up to 1/480 to be able to always having the subject focused. It will therefore possible to use the function of the Time Lapse in 4K. While with the LG Steady Cam the videos, thanks to a really sophisticated software solution, the videos will be much more stable.

A smartphone optimised for the videogames

To characterise though this model it’s especially the screen which, in the game mode, will be transformed into a real gamepad. This will be then customizable according to the played title, LG created different gamepads that suits with specific titles, to have so an unprecedent playability.

Lg G8x ThinQ
The customizable gamepad of the new smartphone LG

To complete the game’s experience even the two speakers of 1,2 W that give a perfectly balanced sound. This thanks to the DAC Hi-Fi Quad at 32 bit tuned to Meridian Audio. Finally the processor, at least the one of the prototype, is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The Ram is of 6 GB and the storage memory of 128 GB, with a support for microSD. The final characteristics will be all to discover at the moment of the release on the international marketplace.

At the moment it’s still a prototype and it isn’t predicted an official releasing date. LG guarantees that it will be possible to buy it until the end of the year and it will be available in many colours, it doesn’t have yet though a possible sales price for this smartphone equipped with three screens and three cameras.

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