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Videogames for the cinema

The most famous videogames became movies

Nowadays the videogames’ world is ever more linked to the one of the cinema. If usually after the success of the cinema (especially about the cartoons) followed a videogame inspired to the movie, now is increasingly happening the reverse. Let’s see so some videogames for the cinema, to fill up a boring evening between joystick and pop corn.

The first cases of videogames for the cinema

Do you remember the serie of videogames Alone in the Dark? Which was produced by the france company Infogrames , it has as protagonist Edward Carnby and his nephew Emily Hartwood that investigate about a mysterious murder in the Louisiana of the 1924.

videogames for the cinema
A scene from the first title of the serie Alone in the Dark

It was released for the first time in the 1992 and it has six titles, and, in the 2005, it even became a movie. Especially the adaptation of the fourth chapter of the serie Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, the movie had even a sequel.

How can we not mention the most famous case? Tomb Raider, the really lucky serie of videogames that has fourthy titles and that became a movie in the 2001 and, afterwards in the 2003. In the 2018 a reboot was attempted where, in the shoes of the hero Lara, there was Alicia Vikander, but in the heart of everyone Lara Croft will always be the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

videogames for the cinema
Angelina Jolie will always be the first one for the character of Lara Croft

Another case is the one of the title for videogames Street Fighter which first title dates back to the 1987, published by Capcom. The movie is Street Fighter – Final Challenge and it was released in the 1994, played by the unbreakable Jean-Claud Van Damme.

Another successful movie is the one inspired by the serie of videogames evergreen born in the 1985: Super Mario Bros. The movie dates back in the 1993 and it is the first movie inspired to a videogame.

A more recent movie that takes inspiration from a new title too, is about a really famous title of the 1989: Prince of Persia, videogame produced by Brøderbund. Afterwards the Ubisoft bought it and brought the saga until today. It was so born the title Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time from which it was then realized a movie of the 2010 played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Alfred Molina.

New movies inspired to the videogames

Let’s see now some titles of the most recent videogames for the cinema, let’s start from Max Payne. The movie of the 2008 Max Payne is played by Mark Wahlberg and it’s inspired to the omonymous shooter of the 2001 of the Remedy Entertainment. The story starts with a heartbreaking heart: Max Payne comes back home and finds out that his wife and the his newborn daughter get murder. Max goes in the DEA (the american department antidrug) and he decides to find the guilty at any cost.

max payne
Mark Wahlberg in the role of the DEA agent Max Payne in the movie

Maybe the youngest ones don’t know it, but the movie of Need for Speed is inspired to the onomymous serie of videogames that dates back to the 1994 and it’s still ongoing. The movie dates back in the 2014, ten years after the first title, and Aaron Paul (known by the audience for the role in Breaking Bad) wears the shoes of a mechanic fan of the race cars.

need for speed
A screenshot of the racing car game Need for Speed

By completely changing the genre let’s remember the movie of the 2006 Silent Hill, inspired to the videogame with the same title of the 1999 by Konami. There we wear the shoes of Harry Mason looking for his daughter among the american streets of Silent Hill. The movie is a bit different than the story, but it follows anyway the initial passages of the first chapter of the serie of videogames.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill

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