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Videogames for kids for Christmas

Videogames for childrens

Did you decide to give, or someone asked you to do it, a videogame to your nephew for Christmas? Don’t you know what to choose? Here you have a list of the best videogames for childrens to avoid mistakes, safe and funny.

The videogames for childrens

First of all if you want to be sure, especially about the contents which are not suitable to some age average you might always control the PEGI which is the system with which are classified the videogames about the contents. The PEGI signs violent, scurrilous contents, sexual references, it is available on every box. Let’s see know some of the safe titles, perfect for everyone, which will conquer young and old, who knows that one day it might become the job of the young passionated.

Mario Kart 8

A classic evergreen, which is appreciated even by the adults, so the children can play together with their parents. Many tracks to run, nice pilots and magics to launch to let the enemies go off track. It practices the competition and it never gets old, it is available for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

The Professor Layton

videogames for childrens
The professor Layton fascinates even thanks to the graphic which is really particular

The serie of videogames of the Professor Layton still fascinates, the graphic style remembers the famous cartoon of the study Ghibli with the simple but refined graphic stretch, The game is developed as a long sequence of riddles to solve. It is available for Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Zaffiro Alpha and Rubino Omega

Another big classic is Pokémon Zaffiro Alpha and Rubino Omega. The Pokémon fascinates the children for whole generations. The game is developed as an exploration searching for new adversaries to beat through the continents. This videogames for kids is available though only for Nintendo 3DS.

Just Dance

videogames for childrens
The graphic of Just Dance was always minimal to focus only on the dance

To avoid the risk of an excessive sedentary lifestyle and for the older childrens Just Dance is always a great answer. From the 2009 it proposes many choreography of the most famous songs of the moment. The version 2019 contains the songs of Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, but if you prefer it’s already available the version 2020. This one instead has the new song of Frozen 2, BLACKPINK, but even Ed Sheeran feat. Justin Bibier. It is available for the platforms Wii, Nintendo Switch, Ps4 and XBox One.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Heros

videogames for childrens
We play thanks to the action figures of the Disney characters

Disney Infinity is an interactive game platform, by placing the little figurines on the base of the game they come to life in the videogame, in this specific version besides to Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and the figures of the Disney stories, there are even the figurines of the Marvel, to create new incredible adventures. It is available for all the main consoles.

Disney Fantasia

The Disney videogames for childrens are a guarantee, here you have another title which will fascinate even the older ones. Infact in this game we will have to follow, by using the hands as real band leaders, some songs that go from the classic music of the Fantasia movie to much more particular songs like Bohemian Rhapsody of the Queen. On Xbox 360 and One.


The best construction game Minecraft

A phenomenon that conquered thousands of players all over the world. In this videogame there isn’t a duty to do or a mission, here you can build whatever you want: from a really thiny house to the Tour Eiffel, you can actually rebuild the whole Paris. The possibility to play in multiplayer allows to enjoy it even more. It is available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, macOs and even on mobile.

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