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A million of people wants to invade the Area 51

Invasion Area 51

It started as a simple event on Facebook, probably a game, a joke, however many took it seriously and it became a real media sensation: the invasion of the Area 51.

Many think that behind the american military base in the heart of the Nevada’s desert are hidden secrets that the government doesn’t want to reveal.

For who believes in the good faith of the government it’s only about the experimentation of new airplanes, but the most believe that in the remote base there are the proofs of the existence of the aliens. And many want to know the truth. So the event “let’s invade the Area 51” reached and passed the million of partecipants.

Many accepted to partecipate to the event as a joke, but how many will really go in front of the base the next 20th of September?

The theories about the Area 51

The Area 51 is surely one of the safest and most unsuperable place of the planet, but it isn’t really a secret base. Everyone knows that it is right there and every day it attracts curious turists that want to get as closer as possible to it.

From the Extraterrestrial Highway, which runs next to the base, to the Alien Research Center, to the restaurant Little A’Le’Inn, until the famous mailbox which one tells is destined to alien messages. Everything here has been transformed by following the conspiracy theories, by transforming the desert into a turistic attraction.

Invasion Area 51
The Extraterrestrial Highway which runs next to the Area 51

But the biggest and most famous mystery which crowned the Area 51 to be the “point of first contact” was the accident of Roswell, of the 1947. Here, infact, would happen the spacial accident between two alien spaceships, fall on the ground. The remains of the spaceships and the crews of them were took by the military and stored right inside the base known as Area 51.

The event on Facebook

The event has been launched by the page Facebook Shitposting cause im in shambles, run by the australian Jackson Barnes, which, now, largely passed the million of partecipants.

The meeting is fixed for the 20th of September, from the 3:00 to the 6:00. The program provides to met in front of the main entrance and to run all together toward the base with the arms backwards like is used to run Naruto. Therefore the event says “They cannot stop us all”. Useless to say that the whole story seems really crazy and that it’s unthinkable that someone will really do what is, without any doubt, a joke.

Invasion Area 51
The plan of the invasion of the Area 51

But we know as this things go and between more than a million people there will surely be someone that will take it seriously.

The answer of the USA

The citizens of the area, that, as we said, live of this strange and mysterious conspiracy turism, are preparing themselve to an invasion of turists. But they aren’t the only ones. The government of the United States answered to the event and it doesn’t seem ready to welcome the Naruto style runners.

The Area 51 is a training field for the american aviation, and we will discourage everyone will try to enter in the perimeter where we train the american army. The US Air Force is always ready to protect America and its sources”.

Area 51
Main entrance of the Area 51 – Restricted military zone

So even the administrator of the page that created the event had to officialy say that it was only a joke, but can he guarantee that the million of people won’t really try to invade the Area 51?

Goodmoring, US governement. This is a joke, I don’t really go ahead with the plan. I thought that it might be funny and that it might have a many likes on the web. I won’t be responsible if then someone will decide to go on with it”.

What will happen the 20th of September to the Area 51?

As it was predictable there is who took the event seriously. Infact the hotel owners of the area let us know that there isn’t any available room for those days.

Invasion Area 51
On the web are spreading the memes and the posts in style “let’s invade the Area 51”

To avoid that the event will lead completly in the caos they are thinking to give it a different shape. It might, infact, become just a passionated reunion, enriched by a music festival. The rapper Lil Nas X, infact, personally offered himself for the evening of the 20th of September. The singer, infact, just published a sing about the Area 51: “Old Town Road”.

Furthermore many food trucks are organizing themselves not to miss food and beverage for the event. Some of them, infact, joined the event on Facebook, by saying that they will bring their street food to the Area 51.

We hope that everything will serve to transform the invasion in the biggest music festival ever organized in the area. Even because, like the government of the United States led us know, the invasors are not welcome.

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