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GoT: Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) tells us the Long Night

The Long Night - Arya Stark - Game of Thrones

Attention: the article has SPOILER about the third episode of the eighth season, especially about the character Arya Stark.

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At the games of thrones one either wins or dies

Game of Thrones, one can love it, or hate it, but surely it can’t be ignored.

The tv serie inspired by the romances of the saga “Song of Ice and Fire” born by the pen of George Martin, has gripped million viewers, becoming a cult as much as the “Lord of the Rings”, inspired by the masterpieces of the loved proffessor Tolkien.

George Martin, ideatore della saga e di Arya Stark
George Martin, ideator of the saga and of Arya Stark

Game of Thrones arrived to its eighth season, which is the conclusive one, where everything will be decided, who will win and will finally reign on the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, by taking the place of the powerfull and famous King Robert Baratheon… and who will die.

The families and the characters changed as the time went by, innocent figures became cruel hangmen and evil villains were able to obtain their redemption through good deeds or with their death.

The long night

But never as before an episode of GoT was able to such strongly and “settled” divide their fans in this amazing television serie. This episode is the 8×03 “The Long Night“.

I won’t be here to talk about the problems due to the lack of visibility that run over the whole episode, neither I will be here to debat about the unhappy tactical choices made by the screenwriters to make the battle much more epic.

The joke of Creative Assembly

Such gross errors that the Creative Assembly, the producer company of the games of the saga “Total War“, decided to make fun of it in a notification where it mentioned an article of LAD BIBLE.

Instead I would like to talk about the event that really shocked the Lore (plot) of the whole serie, which is, the murder of the Night King, King of Death and Strangers, by Arya Stark, disciple of the Many Faces God.

Le principali casate - Arya Stark
The main families

The role of Arya

Arya Stark, one of the most charismatic and known character of the whole serie, during those eight seasons had many changes, by transforming herself from a small noble with mild and activate soul in a ruthless murder.

Becoming a real vengeful toward the ones that destroyed her family and that took the life that she had in the north of Westeros.

The history of Arya

Like many Stark, Arya had to deal with tremendous proofs, which put her in risk of life or mind, but now she grown up, becoming of the deadliest person in the whole world created by Martin. She demonstrated it by killing the one that should be the strongest and scariest creature of all, the Night King.

The scena is really breathtaking, the blade of Arya beside to cut the not-life of the deaths’ king cut even a whole part of the history that until that moment seemed essential for the continuation of the serie, which is now arrived next to its conclusion.

The fans’ answer

The day after the release of “The Long Night” exploded a real schism in the fan-base of GoT, there were who shouted about a masterpiece, to the back of basics of the saga, which became ever more “Fan Friendly” and that needed a real shake; otherwise we found people that believed “The Long Night” is the death of the serie, because Arya broken all the schemes that have been hardly created in eight years.

La battaglia tra i vivi e i morti
The battle between alives and deaths

The word to Maisie

A choice that surprised even the same Maisie Williams, the young actress that plays the murder of the family of wolf, which commented the unexpected event:

“It was incredibly exciting. But I prompty thought that everyone would hate it. That they would think Arya didn’t deserve it. Otherwise the hardest thing when you build a  villain in a serie by saying it can’t be beaten and then, at the end, you beat it. So I knew that we had to make it great, because otherwise the people could think: Well, so the villain wasn’t so strong, when it’s enough a girl to stab him. Everything it’s decided in that moment. And it’s something unexpected, as the show always does. So, at the end: fuck off, Jon”’.

Maisie Williams, Arya Stark
Maisie Williams, Arya Stark

The word to Kit Harington

A Jon Snow / Kit Harington remained under shock too for the decision to kill the cruel king of the Not-Deaths right by Arya / Maisie Williams, by admitting to be satisfied about the authors’ choice and he declaired that the amazing final turn of events represented the most adequate conclusion for the whole storyline.

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