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Women and informatic, if the gender gap is hi-tech

A Kaspersky Labs' study reveals that the women struggle to arise in the informatic's field

Is barely over the Woman Internazional Day and it’s time to do balances. The women infact are still fighting for cutting down a prominent space, equal to the men ones, in many fields. Between them there is even the technology.

Infact we don’t hear often talking about prominent female roles in the technological world. It’s enough to think to the main software houses and to the major of the informatic and of the electronic. 

Mostly, the CEOs are men; Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, Tim Berners-Lee just to mention someone between the most famous ones.

What’s going on so in the other half of the technology’s sky?

The women role in the IT world

The first to switch on the light on the female topic in the world of the informatic and technology were the Kaspersky Lab.

In the 2018, infact, took place an important survey from which have arise results that let us think about.

The research was focused on the hi-tech employees in France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. With a specific attention even for the Italy.

Le donne sono scarsamente considerate nel mondo IT
A career in the IT field? For the women (unfortunatelly) it’s still so hard

And right in our country the datas emergered aren’t hopeful. The 47% of the people interviewed claimed that in the IT environments, today, one works especially with and between men.

The “pink” team, where the women so are majority, represent only a poor 7%.

The women’s role in the IT world would so seem dramatically marginal. As proof of the fact that the technological progress isn’t (still) under the banner of the gender equality.

In Italy the informatic “isn’t women business”

In our country, is going on the study of the Kaspersky Lab, is still present a strong gender disequality. Even, and especially, in the informatic field.

Prevalenza di uomini,mansplaining e gender gap in Italia ed Europa
The informatic in Italy is still a mainly male environment

The disequality between men and women inside the companies is the higher in Europe. The 52% of the italian companies don’t care to give prestigious duties only to professional men.

The women so can’t demonstrate their abilities, and they are often confined to roles and tasks minor.

But there is something worst. Even when the woman is able to stand out and to recover prestigious roles, the men with which she works tend to feel her as “inferior”.

Hence the spreaded need of the mansplaining. Which is, the trend by the men to assume paternalistic or superiority tones towards their female colleagues.

Women and technology, in India the mismatch is impossible

However there is written nowhere that the gender gap has to undisputed reign in the IT field. The proof of it arrives straight from India, which about it has proved to be much more modern and open mind than the “progressive” Europe.

Le donne in India sono più integrate che in Europa nel mondo dell'IT
In India the women are much more integrated in the informatic world

It’s, infact, indian the UST Global, a technology company with its headquarter in California which invested huge facilities and resources supporting the women in the IT field. With a system of capillary recruiting that from the Mexico arrives until the Malesia.

The UST Global imposed itself into the international scene right for the importance of its purpose. And it promises to enhance the female work in the hi-tech field. By finally giving to the women the respect that they deserve.

And the numbers are mind-boggling; the company, infact, involved 15.000 women only in India, on a total of 20.000 all over the world.

Women and technology in Europe

There is a constant lack of women in the IT sector, in the whole Europe

The one of the UST Global is a perfect example of how should move even the Europe. According to the Kaspersky Labs’ research, the increasing of female roles in the informatic field is a purpose to constantly follow.

L'Europa deve incentivare l'occupazione delle donne nel settore informatico
Even the Europe cannot remain to look; the IT has to always open to the female support

Because the technology can gain huge advantage from the input of a higher female presence. The change anyway has to start even from the education and from the training.

With new study’s courses that get ever more closer the women to the hi-tech and informatic worlds.

Just like that the Europe could pass the drammatic gender gap that gripped it. And to open the doors to a future where the IT is not anymore a privilege for a small group of experts, strictly men.

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