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The best PC programs to edit the pictures

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In the nowadays’ society becomes ever more important to take care about the multimedia contents (both if they are videos or pictures) that we put online on our own socials. Unlike what we can think, it’s not needed to use paid programs to edit the pictures.

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There are many reliable softwares opensource that will allow to retouch all the pictures, both if you need to publish them on the socials or even, easier, to grow your passion for the photography!

modificare foto
Editing Photo


It is the software that is mainly used alternatively to Photoshop. It gives a huge variety of compatibility (Windows, Mac and Linux) and functioning, but the interface’s graphic isn’t really taken care.

For this reason it is possible to try an alternative, GimpShop, which is updated more often, but with an interface less intuitive for who is approaching the pictures editing for the first time.


In this case it is closely an images’ viewer, but there are even some editing’s functioning. One of the most useful is the one to edit the file’s extension in everyone else, which is really useful in case of specific kinds of editing.

Besides this it is possible to apply some photographic filters to the images, like the black and white, the pixel, etc. It is possible, therefore, to regulate the lighting and contrast’s levels. Another interesting functiong is the one to add texts and emojies to the images.


This is the free software that maybe better reach the functiong’s number of Photoshop. The bottons on the interface are the one more spreaded and available on every app of pictures editing, but in this case we find instruments and settings on the drop down menu bar which contains extra personalisations on which it is worth to spend some times to learn how to use it.

Another extra value is due to the possibility to use the instruments of vector draw.

modificare foto

PixBuilder Studio

It is really similar to the already mentioned Paint.Net, but it is even more advanced. It is suitable for the beginners, but even for the experts. The formats red by the software are the most common ones of the vector graphic, as well as the formats raster red by Photoshop.

A plus of this app is  the possibility ot have a such varied set of brushes. One of the useful aspect which has to be considered, finally, is the fact that it is a really light software and, so, more suitable with the less new computers that don’t gives high performances.


It is a program suitable for who constantly makes small editings, besides for who needs to edit the format of their own images. It allows furthermore to organise the pictures together, with relative storage. This function isn’t offered by the previous mentioned softwares.

FastStone Image Viewer

Even this one can be considered one of the best programs for the pictures editing. It supports images of a varied extension, like JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, PCX, TIFF, EPS, ICO, TGA, WMF and RAW (format used by the digital cameras).

Another aspect which can be considered by many essential, the software is fully available in italian. The interface can be personalised according to the most used instruments and it allows the access to the informations EXIF which come from the instrument used to shot the pictures (for example, date and hour, size, etc).

modificare foto
FastStone Image Viewer


In this kind of guide is not missed a program that allows to create some funny memes (collages). PhotoScape doesn’t allow to use the tipical retouch’s functionings of Photoshop and, in reality, it isn’t similar to the other previous mentioned programs, but the creation of photoshoppings and photoretouchings is surely included between the pictures edit’s kinds useful for the publishing on the social networks.

This program will allow you to combine together more images, by applying writtens, frames or stickers. Finally, it is possible to save the images in different formats or more images which will create a GIF.

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