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Smart Glasses: news for the sight

Someone like the contact lens. Other though love the vintage or they just prefer to wear the glasses because often the lens have problems of dry eye. Many are instead the ones that wear sun glasses in summer, but even in winter. Today we discover the smart glasses.

What are the smart glasses

For Smart Glasses we mean an electronic device that can be wore which is able to support the activities that include the problems resolution through complex procedures.

They are composed by electronic parts and software which are able to let work informatic applications. They can film and reproduce videos, audios, or even to recognise the natural language, the shapes and the objects. The idea is the one to give to who wears them the possibility to add virtual contents to their sight, by let the human eye feel them as a part of real view through integrated display inside the special lens of the device.

They are the ultimate instrument for the virtual reality. But first of all they are glasses with something more that with the time they evolved as much as that now on the marketplace there are all kinds of them.

One of the most loved category of the moment are the smart sunglasses. Especially here you have two models of them.

Two examples of smart glasses

Between the smart glasses of which we would like to talk today the first ones are surely the Huawei Gentle Monster.

They cost 299,00€, but now on Amazon you can find the model with case Jackbye discounted at 279,00€. A kind of smart glasses that focuses to offer to the audience a trendy device, full of advanced technology.

smart glasses huawei
These smart glasses Huawei are perfect for who loves to stay in contact with friends and relatives by calling them without have to use the headphones.

They are special sunglasses that have inside the two thiny rods of a thickness of 0,45 mm a bluetooth module for the conncetion with the smartphone. But not only. Inside them they even have components which are able to answer to a call and to end the conversation or even to reproduce or to stop the music.

The Huawei Gentle Monster even have the smart voice assistant integrated which can be activate with the double touch on the top of the glass, where the lens mets the rod. Infact, between the most interesting characteristics there are the two speakers, settled to greatly direct the sound and to limit the sound loss.

You can speak with your vocal assistant of the smartphone or answer to the phone without endanger the privacy of your conversation or to annoying the people around you. Therefore, these two speakers allow a perfect insulation from the background noises.

Lastly, but not less important, these glasses can be closed in their leather case that has a battery of 2.200 mAh. It’s enough to put them back in the case to start the wireless charge with an autonomy of 2 hours and half. They even have the IP67 certification (water and dust proof).

Bose Frame Tenor

Let’s continue talking about sun glasses. Bose gives a model with a luxury, refined and elegant design. A model of smart glasses that has advanced functionings with extraordinary listening modes.

We are talking about the Bose Frame Tenor. Rectangular shaped glasses, with black lacquer finishes. Structurally they have a bridge realized with ultra modern materials that has an audio technology unique in its kind.

smart glasses bose tenor
The smart sun glasses of the Bose are perfect for who loves to listen the music.

With these glasses you can enjoy a realistic audio experience that will allow you to listen music and to call without annoying the people around you. Therefore you can interact with the surrounding environment, by recording noises, sounds and conversations.

They have ultra light polarized lens. They are shock, scratch and reflex proof. This allow them to improve the sight by stopping up to the 99% of the UVA/B rays. When we need we can even ask for corrective polarized lens for who needs even a lens to see clear, besides to cover the eye from the sun.

The battery of these smart glasses lasts more than the competitors ones. Infact, once fully charged, these glasses allow to listen music for up to 5,5 of hours. How to charge the glasses? Let’s put them inside their case for a hour and that’s it.

Even the Bose Frame Tenor have an integrated bluetooth device that allow to connect the glasses with the smartphone. Their integrated microphone i planned to focus on your voice and to reduce the sounds of the wind and the other rumors around you.

With its system of touch commands it allows to regulate the volume, to speak with the vocal assistant of the mobile phone and to switch off the glasses with a hand move.

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