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The office of the future according to Facebook

The office of the future according to Facebook

Projected screens, programs that start with a move, maybe you are thinking that we are talking about the famous movie Minority Report where Tom Cruise used a computer only by moving the hands in the air. And instead you are wrong, the office of the future is reality according to Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, head Ar and Vr of Facebook and it seems even that we don’t have to wait for so long to see it.

The office of the future

Like we said the head Ar and Vr of Facebook “Boz” Bosworth shared in a tweet a very curious video where it’s shown a very special platform that he uses inside his office.

No special gloves, but a helmet that allows to use the mixed reality (which means the virtual and augmented reality used together). Once worn it, the user can create in front of him everything he needs for his job.

office of the future
The mixed reality is tempting many companies which are trying to efficiently realize it

One, two or even ten monitors, customized keyboard and shortcut, no mouse obviusly, because to click we use the finger. In the video “Boz” Bosworth shows his office of the future: he has two display in front of him, then he let another one appears, and he puts it in the middle between the others and he writes on a virtual keyboard.

It isn’t a fake “Boz” Bosworth says it inside the tweet, but it’s a real video realized thanks to the helmet prototype realized by the company that can even film what it’s happening.

As we think through supercharging remote work and productivity, we’ve been working on mixed reality concepts that builds on existing technologies like Passthrough to allow people to switch between real and virtual worlds

Boz talks especially about Passthrough. This words means the technology that allows to see both the reality and the virtual environment, these two worlds are “melted” in only one image by allowing so to work on both of them.

Basically with this technology it’s possible to make videocalls, to watch more screens together, to write and then meanwhile to be able to drink a cup of tea or to say hello to a colleague by watching “through” the virtual screens.

What can be useful at work

The virtual office will be our future for many aspects. First of all it won’t need any monitor, keyboard or other accessories, it will be enough, in this case, a helmet to have everything we need.

Even about the ecology it can even positive effects, right because it doesn’t need any “physical instruments”. Therefore the fact to have always everything within reach in a second makes the work easier even if you aren’t inside your office.

office of the future
The glasses realized by Magic Leap for the videogames had a mild welcome

A flexible system that allows to use the comfort of the portable systems like the laptops with the power of a more complex structure like a desktop computer with more monitors.

Currently it seems that all the biggest companies are trying to find a solution of mixed reality which really works. Google tried to do it with its Google Glass, then Apple tried to do it at the same way or even with the contact lens of Mojo Vision. Microsoft tried it with its HoloLens and Oculus with Quest.

Magic Leap, that seemed disappeared until few days ago, just received a great funding for 350 million of dollars right for a new project of mixed reality. But Magic Leap took an important decision: it passed from the videogame to the companies world. So maybe it’s missed really a few to find out which will be our future office.

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