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Oculus Quest: the news of the last viewer for virtual reality

Oculus Quest

It isn’t the first time that we hear about viewers for virtual reality. There are all kinds of them and for all budgets, from the cardboard’s models to real jewels of technology. One of the biggest limit of the viewers was always their dependence to other devices, like computers, consoles or smartphones. And this needs the usage of wires and cables that prevented a fluid and dynamic usage. But we know that the technology evolves at light speed and the problem of today already has a solution tomorrow. Between the really last viewers, one of the most interesting ones is the Oculus Quest, “no pc, no wires, no limits”.

All in one

The Oculus Quest is the last arrived in the company Oculus, the producer of viewers for virtual reality founded in the 2012 in California and bought in the 2014 by Facebook.

Oculus Quest is the first viewer all-in-one that allows you to play everywhere without computers, wires or other devices. All you need is the viewer and the controllers included in the box.

“The world is your arcade”

Right that Oculus Quest finally brings the virtual reality to another level, outside the own homes and releasing it by the imposition of a constant connection with a fixed device.

It can be used basically in every environment, close or open, seated or standing up. There aren’t any more limits to the immagination.

Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest, the viewer without wires

Furthermore, Quest doesn’t need external sensors to understand your movements, all you need to do is to let you go.

The space that surrounds us

Oculus Quest uses the technology inside-out tracking. All we have to do is to start the viewer, configure it with the controllers and configure the play area. The viewer, infact, won’t need external sensors.

Thanks to the cameras fitted on it, it will be able to track the play environment and to keep us in contact with the space that surrounds us, by bringing us in the amazing world of the mix reality.

Let’s talk about our movements now. Once tracked the play environment and understood that we can move on it without risks, how will the viewer understand which are our movements?

The special controllers, the Oculus Touch, will keep track of our hands, thanks to a real constellation of sensors fitted on them.

Oculus Quest
Oculus Touch

The name of the technology of inside-out tracking inserted on the last Oculus devices takes the name of Oculus Insight and like we said it allows us to know the surrounder environment without the usage of external sensors.

Basically, the external cameras, after acquired the informations about the surrounder environment, go on checking the space, so to always know where the player is, by keeping him away from hazards.

If the player sets foot outside the defined play ares, the viewer shows him the real environment, to allow him to orient and to come back to the safe zone. The mix reality allows us to never really lose the contact with the real world that surrounds us.

The large library of Oculus Quest

Being it an all-in-one viewer, Oculus Quest has a personal games’ library quietly big. Therefore, being it a product of the big family of Facebook, obviusly it allows us to keep in contact with our social friends and to know if they are in the Oculus community too. All of it throguh personalised avatars.

Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest, the console for the virtual reality

Oculus Quest, the first real portable console for virtual reality,  is available since less than one month. At the moment of the launch its personal library counted about fifty games.

Between them there are shooters, like Super Hot, boxing, like Creed: Rise to Glory, puzzle and explorations. But even games that use the virtual reality to let us fight our biggest fears, like claustrophobia or vertigoes. Games focused on the sport world or others that let us move in dance steps.

In conclusion it’s a virtual reality experience that, for the moment, is unmatched.

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