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Big Bang AR: how the universe was born

Big Bang AR

The really incredible thing about the universe is that much more away we are able to observe much more back in time we see. Will we ever arrive to the point to see such faraway to look at the beginning of the universe itself? An incredible experience, a cosmic event dates back to almost 14 billions of years ago, an unprecedented explosion which brought to the birth of our own universe. Afterwards for up to 13 billions of years this expanded and cooled until to get the appearance that we know today. The planets, the stars, the solar systems and the galaxies were formed, the known matter was created and even the one that we still don’t know nothing about it. Would be really amazing to live again in some way all of it. Jump into the cosmos and know how it’s been formed. Big Bang AR is an application that wants to do exactly this: relive in 7 minutes 13,8 billions of Universe’s history.

Big Bang AR’s presentation

The application is been realized by the scientists of CERN in cooperation with Google and presented, the last 6th March, to the Google Arts and Culture event inWashington DC.

The adventure of the Universe‘s birth and of its expansion is enclosed in the app Big Bang AR, which can be downloaded both on Android and iOS, an experience of augmented reality free and immersive.

Big Bang AR: le origini dell'universo sul nostro smartphone
Big Bang AR: the augmented reality to find out the universe’s origin

Look the universe’s beginning in the palm of your hand. Admire the birth of the first stars, of our solar system and of the planet that we call home. Immerse yourself in the ancestral mystery of the universe’s formation and look the events happening all around you, in your domestic walls or in the physical environment that surrounds you. Learn to know the microscopic particles that form everything and every person that we know, and find out if we are really made of stars”.

The presentation is already a travel in the cosmos, the prelude of an experience that won’t disappoint the expectations.

The voiceover is the one of the actress Tilda Swinton, which will drive us through  the cosmos. With it we will be able to interact, by turning to better see from another perspective, or by typing on a planet or a solar system or a specific object, by receiving much more detailed informations.

We are all made by dust of stars

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

The matter is always the same for 13,8 billions of years. This massive beginning bang which released a huge energy and everything that was firslty compressed exploded and expanded. It’s still expanding.

That matter became planets, stars, oxygen, water and life. That matter is the same one that makes every living beings.

Is it so correct to say that we are all made by dust of stars? Of course. Basically, what we are looking through the augmented reality of our smartphone, is nothing more than the beginning of our own history.

Big Bang AR - univerrso
We are all made by the same matter of which the stars are made

Why using the augmented reality? Because an app which tells the history of the universe should be immersive: everything that surrounds us, and us too is part of it. It doesn’t matter where are we going, the universe is always the same one: the same cosmic background, the same stars composition, the same galaxies density, etc. The augmented reality would clarify it”.

The CERN‘s scientists explain that the solar system exists for only 4,6 billions of years, just a third of the whole existence of the universe.

However the matter of which we, the human beings, are made, on this small planet that we call Earth, our home, is always the same one. We are made for the 90% by supernova’s remains and for the 10% by the Big Bang’s residues.

The universe’s birth

14 billions of years ago our universe didn’t exist. Then from the absolute nothing there was an explosion and the cosmic primordial soup of quarks and gluons expanded towards the infinite.

The quarks became protons and neutrons, afterwards they transformed themselves into nucleus first and molecules then, until becoming cells and multicells organisms.

Big Bang AR - applicazione
Big Bang AR

The life started to bloom in a cosmos previously fully empthy and it arrived until us. The CERN wants to get the big audience closer to all of it, wants to show the beauty of creation.

Let’s find out how everything began, how that matter by going around the cosmos for almost 14 billions of years arrived to us, because we are all  made by the same matter of which the stars are made.

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