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The Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses

Hololens 2

Microsoft organised an event to the MWC (Mobile World Congress) of Barcelona. Between the people attended to the event there is even one of the creators of the first model of glasses AR (Aumented Reality).

To this event, infact, there aren’t only smartphones. They, infact, are surely the main element of the presentation, but always sided by personal computers, tablets, wearables and so on.

HoloLens 2
Microsoft HoloLens

This year between the gadgets might be even Microsoft HoloLens 2. Are passed four years since the remote 2015, when was presented the first version.

Anyway, the new could be partially official. Microsoft sent the invitations for an event that will take place in the afternoon of Sunday 24th of February in Barcelona, but it wasn’t specify what will be announced.

The Verge says:

The clues arrive from the list of the characters of the Redmond family which will go on up on the stage. Between them there is infact Alex Kipman, expert of mixed reality and of AR Perception that works in Microsoft since the 2001, and that for them contributed to realize the device for Xbox Kinect and especially the first version of HoloLens.

The Hardware characteristics

The first Microsoft version of glasses for the augmented reality (the Hololens) was released with a hardware that currently could be considered almost obsolete.

In the technological field, infact, hardware characteristics substantially increase in just few months. The Hololens, therefore, had a processor Atom x5-Z8100.

It won’t be updated by Intel, the producer, because was decided that they won’t be any more created chips for mobile devices.

So, Microsoft might be moved on an architecture ARM, able to obtain performances surely higher about the autonomy.

According to the rumors, none knows exactly what the model of the processor of the new model of Hololens 2 is, but it seems that Microsoft chosen the new Snapdragon 845. It guarantees a high level of power and, at the same time, a low request of energy.

HoloLens 2
Microsoft HoloLens

Furthermore, it seems that Microsoft confirmed that the Hololens 2 will be equipped with a new Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), which will guarantee the data processing without the need of a cloud.

Thereby, the device’s speed will be higher thanks to the fact that the lag times will be basically reduced to zero.

Interesting is even find out how the new viewer of Microsoft might really have a LTE module. So we won’t have any more the imperative to be connected to a wireless web in every moment during the usage.

The Software characteristics

What we said until now is not all. The new Hololens 2 could see the presence of a new operating system developed by Microsoft right for the occasion, so to better use the functioning of the product.

That’s so how the last rumors speak about Windows Core OS. It is a Windows 10 version that, with the usage of an added software called CShell, will allow to the operating system to adapt itself to every kind of product and, consequentially, even to the viewer of other producers.

From this datas, some of them concrete other created just by rumors, it is obvius that Microsoft wants to unify its operating system even for the fittings like the glasses Hololens.

HoloLens 2
Microsoft HoloLens


Many news for the second generation of the Microsoft viewer. Many things in the fire that we hope to see it active already by the next year or, even, until the end of this  2019.

The last interesting rumor might be the one according to which the Redmond’s company might be, in reality, already ready for a while.

By the way, it seems that they chosen to wait few months more so that the other companies could present their own products in this category and, Microsoft, had the possibility to better improve their Hololens 2.

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