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Motorola One Hyper with 38 hours battery

Motorola One Hyper, the record smartphone of Motorola

Motorola One Hyper is the last born of the american producer, and it promises to be a real turning point on the smartphones’ marketplace.

The hype around this model is about the extraordinary life of the battery that, according to the system specifications, it may easily reach the consecutive 38 hours.

Moreover Motorola isn’t new about the technological challenges. Not surprisingly, in April were spreaded the first rumors about a 4-cam smartphones (we told about it in this article).

Afterwards the company announced the release of the loved model Razr with a return to the foldable flip phones. Here you can find more informations about it.

Now, though, Motorola seems determined to outlast the competition thanks to the amazing performances of the new One Hyper, which promises to be one of the most waited phones of always.

The record battery of the Motorola One Hyper

Like we saw, the strong suit of this model is the life of its battery.

If it’s true that the batteries of the smartphones have made big steps in the last years and that the medium range models easily reach an autonomy of a day, the Motorola One Hyper promises though much more.

Motorola One Hyper, 38 hours of autonomy
The Motorola One Hyper has an autonomy of 38 hours

With only one charge, infact, it will be possible to use the phone for a total of 38 hours consecutive.

The battery is a 4000 mAh with technology Hyper Charging at 45W, which allows the users to quickly and efficiently re-charge their phone.

It will be enough ten minutes of charge to easily reach 12 hours of autonomy, while one hour allows to fully charge the phone.

Two different colours, actually they are three

The new Motorola One Hyper is available in two different colours.

Infact it is possible to choose between the chassis Ultramarine Blue, which is an intense light blue, and the one Fresh Orchid, which has fuchsia shadows.

The three colours of the Motorola One Hyper
Ultramarine Blue, Fresh Orchid and Dark Amber; the three colours of the Motorola One Hyper

By the way in the american marketplaces it will be possible to choose a third colour that won’t be available for Italy and Europe.

Infact there is even the version Dark Amber. With its bronzed and metallic tones it’s surely the one with the most professional and luxury aspect.

Unfortunatelly, like we already said, who wants to have this version will have to choose the stores on the other side of the ocean or ordering it online.

The photographic section of the Motorola One Hyper

The new smartphone signed Motorola is different then the waited Razr for the design, which is completelly suitable with the modern standards.

Its full screen display is a 6,5 inches FHD which extendes edge to edge, so by covering the whole frontal surface of the phone with a really thin edge. Everything without the notch of the camera, which is a retractable 32 MP Quad-Pixel.

The pop-up camera of the new smartphone Motorola
No notch but a pop-up camera

Therefore, the Motorola One Hyper has two added cameras. The first one is a 64MP, the second one has a bottom depth, of “only” 8MP and a wide angle lens of 118°.

The photographic section is further enriched by the technology Google CameraX API, which allows to “third” applications to fully use the effects Night Vision, Portray Modes and  HDR, without inevitably passing from the main apps and softwares.

Technical characteristics, costs and availability

The operating system of the Motorola One Hyper will be Android 10, while about the proccessor has been confirmed the Qualcomm SoC octa core 675.

About the storage characteristics instead, the new jewel of Motorola has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. This one, expandable, can easily arrives up to 1TB of storage space for phone contacts, pictures, videos, music and applications.

Motorola One Hyper
Motorola One Hyper will be soon available in Italy

Obviusly it will be a dual SIM and, according to the first previews, it won’t miss neither the sensor for the fingerprint, which now is a must for most of the users.

The connectivity may be a sore point; infact this smartphone will be able to use only the 4G connections. If you would like to use the new standard 5G you should choose another model.

The price in the United States is 340 dollars, while we don’t have any new about the sales price in Italy, that won’t be anyway too much different than the one from the other side of the ocean. The Motorola One Hyper will be available in Italy in the next weeks.

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