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Iphone, 4 new models are arriving

Iphone 12

It’s arriving the new iPhone. Mmany are waiting the day when to go to take the new Apple’s kid as well as it is the Christmas day, others wait to be able to buy the previous model at a lower price.

Why is the iPhone better?

Between the good reason to pass to the apple’s phone there is the fact that it does amazing pictures. It seems that the new iPhone 12 is even better than the previous model.

It isn’t a simple phone, it’s a kind of investment. First of all because it’s the mobile that better keep its value over the time and it has very particular guarantees and assistances. An example? In the Apple store they organize courses to learn to better use your own apple smartphone, by using all the potentialities at its best.

So, a mobile phone that has faster chip and an amazing autonomy, which makes it a great candidate to be your new mobile phone for the season 2020-2021.

How much does an iPhone cost?

A lot, too much maybe. This is one of the reason because it isn’t often bought as first phone:  it isn’t a mobile phone for all pockets.

The new iPhone 12 will start from 699$ (which are about 799€), but we are talking about a memory capacity – which isn’t expandible like always with an external SD, bu only with the iCloud subscription- of 64gb. More memory we have, more the price is higher.

According to your needs and to the model that you will choose yoy might spend more than 1000€ for you new mobile phone, an amount that many doesn’t even spend to buy a computer.

The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro

Today 15th of september is the day X: Apple presents the new model which are arriving for the autumn of the 2020 (still unsure date). Which will be the news? Let’s find out them together.

A picture of the new Iphone 12

It seems that the critics to the notch (the black hole on the upper part of the display) worth because it is destined to disappear on the iPhone 12 – or at least it will be reduced. It will be reduced even the technology needed to the Face ID: the idea is the one of a cleaner and thinner design.

Characteristics of the 4 models

Let’s see together how the 4 models of the new iPhone 12 will be structured.

  • iPhone 12 of 5,4 inches, basic model with aluminium case and double back camera;
  • iPhone 12 Max of 6,1 inches, an entry level model like the previous but powered in the size that keeps the aluminium case and 2 back cameras;
  • iPhone 12 Pro of 6,1 inches, upper range model with stainless steel case and three back camera to which is added the scanner LiDar;
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max of 6,7 inches that keeps the characteristics of the previous ones and further increase the size.
The new model iPhone 12 will still have 3 camera which make it alike a compact camera

The 5G will be included in all the 4 new models.

About the display

The last news mention a passage from 60HZ to 120HZ by allowing to enjoy animations and interactions speed surely much more fluid.

The entry level model, as well as for the iPhone 11, will keep the size that will though see the passage from the LCD to the OLED (by aligning the standard of the whole line). Kept the double back camera while it’s still unsure the passage to a fully renewed design.

Goodbye to the classic pods

It seems that Apple might choose to remove the EarPods with wires and the charger from the box.

The idea is the one to move the customers to a wireless technology and to separetelly buy the AirPods.

The wireless technology is the future

The idea to remove the charger instead was born from the wish to less polluted with a product that, according to the leakes, is already owned by the users.

The preorders started on-line

We don’t know much more about the new iPhone, but the passionated trust in Apple and already bought their new apple mobile in pre order, hopping that around the 20th of october it will be their turn to take it from the Apple stores.

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