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The new Microsoft’s Surfaces, the event of the 2nd of October

The new Surfaces

It’s expected for the 2nd of October the event in New York during which Microsoft will announce to the world the really last news, especially about the Surface‘s line. The company announces the streaming direct for the 10 (local time), with a tweet, “Tune in to see what’s next”.

It seems that the event will be meanly focused on the new computers of the line Surface and the first rumors start to arise. New processors, dual screens, foldable screens, the informatic colossus is working on countless sides. But which will be the news of the so waited event of the 2nd of October?

The announcement of the event and the processor

Like we said the even was announced by many tweets, between which the last one where the company invites us to stay tune to see what’s next. Right in this tweet the famous logo of the company appears, lightly different than how it appeared in the previous tweets. A previous announcement, infact, it shown the edges of the famous window unfinished. While the stronger ones of the last announcement show, in the bottom right pane the drawing of a processor.

I nuovi Surface
The event announced by Microsoft will take place the 2nd of October

It seems, infact, that right a new processor might be between the main topics of the event of the 2nd of October. The new Surface Pro 7, with Intel processors, might have a version with Snapdragon 8cx at 7nm.

To the event, that will be shown in streaming direct at the 10 of morning (local time) in New York City, will surely speak the CEO, Satya Nadella, and the Chief Product Office, Panos Panay.

The new Surfaces

Even if Microsoft is trying to not release too many informations, what’s sure is that the event will be meanly focused on the launch of many new laptops Surface.

Besides to the Surface Pro 7, with a version Snapdragon 8cx and connectivity LTE, there will surely be many other models that will be presented to the event.

Surface Pro 7
The new Surface Pro 7 might be between the news of the event

Like the Surface Laptop 3, with new technical specifics and doors USB-C. According to the rumors, the design of the model will be mostly unchanged, but it might debut a version of the laptop with processor AMD.

It’s really probable even the debut of the new version of the Surface Book 3, which USB-C door, already available in the previous version, will be integrated with Thunderbolt 3. The new Book 3, therefore, will probably have integrated some of the most recent versions of the Intel processors, like the Ice Lake of 10 nm or the Comet Lake of 14 nm.

Book 3
How will the new Surface Book 3 be?

Finally, about the tablet, according to the rumors, it will debut even the Surface Go 2, which Intel components might be replaced by ARM. Even from the design point of view the Surface Go will have some changes, like the thinning of the edges, by making the display bigger.

Even for the Microsoft’s tablet has been assumed a version with Snapdragon 8cx.

Dual Screen Surfaces and foldable screens

It’s already for a while that one rumors about the projects made by the company, which will include the dual screens and the foldable screens. The event of the 2nd of October can be the perfect occasion to present to the world the first real models with this new technologies.

The hybrid device dual screen, which code name is Centaurus, should be able to manipulate the attention of the event on it, if, like one thinks, it will officially debut to the event.

Dual Screen
Centaurus, the project dual screen of Microsoft

It seems that Microsoft is working on Centaurus for two years, but it’s only in the last months that the rumors about it started to spread. This confirms the hypothesis that the event will debut in the next event.

The hybrid device with dual screen will embody the functions of a pc and the ones of a tablet, in only one device.

Besides to Centaurus can be shown to the world even some foldable prototype, which comes from another of the secret projects of the last years made by Microsoft, which code name is Andromeda.


Finally, even from the point of view of the accessories there will be some news presented to the event. Like a compact smart speaker, the wireless earphones, which code name is Morrison, or a new keyboard. It’s really probable even the launch of the new Surface Pen with wireless charger. Finally, the most probable hypothesis is the one that, during the event of the 2nd of October, it will be announced the operating system: Windows Lite.

Surface pen
The surface Pens are between the accessories that will be announced the 2nd of October

By the way, all of them are only rumors, to really know which will be the news that will be announced to the event we will have follow the official direct.

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