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How the future’s televisions will be

televisioni del futuro

Often we think about the future technology‘s potential and about what actualy it will offer. There are many sectors where the progress is making great striders and between those there is the one about the televisions.
Let’s see, considering the experience gained until this moment, how the future’s televisions will be and what they will offer to the users.

Resolution and quality

The future’s televisions will be focused, without any shadow of doubt, on the resolution and the image’s quality. There are many improvements that we saw as the years go by and it is easy to think that we will see other important steps in this way.
The televisions, infact, are becoming ever more big and performing giving to the user a flawless quality.
The technology that, with every probability, will be implemented and delevoped ever more in the next future it is the QLED important alternative to the OLED.televisioni del futuro
Specifically, infact, this kind of technology is able to guarantee an image’s quality more steady and durable, besides the fact that it is able to support even high sizes, up to 110 inches.

Besides this, even the resolution will be improved, guaranteeing a kind of view ever more realistic and clear. The QLED, infact, is able to support technologies that could be bring up to the 8K with a quality that right now we can just immagine.
The Quantum Dot (QLED), infact, can be decreased and they can be adapted to this kind of resolution easily.


Between the principal news about the future’s televisions there will be without any doubt a major interactivity of them. Nowadays, the televisions, infact, already became interactive devices with on demand contents and through the develop of smart devices.
However, in the future we could see a further improvement of this kind of mechanics, to guarantee to the users better results about this point of view.

Needless to say, there will be the introduction of digital assistants, inside the television system, to optimaze some process and semplify them.
With a vocal command, for example, we could ask to our own television to switch on itself or to put on a determined channel. Furthermore, with the improvement of the artificial intelligence we could ask any suggest to our own assistant or ever more we could ask it to explain the story of a movie or the argument of a documentary.
Besides this, we often hear talking about the application of the domotics and about all the possibilities that this kind of technology gives. With every probability in the future the television will be connected with other household appliances or electronic devices of the house, which will allow us to manage them without any kind of problem even on remote.
In this way, connecting even our own smartphone, we could set the automatic switching on to a determined hour or even we could record programs while we are in the shopping mall, at the restaurant or at the gym.

Contents and prices

Finally, about the future’s televisions we have to open a little parenthesis even about the contents and the prices. About the first one, let’s talk about the contents, which with every probabilty will accomodate the users’ needs and the technology’s growth. To understand what we mean it is going to be like whit the introduction of the 3D, when were developed many contents about this technology, the same could happen with other kinds of functioning.
Finally, about the prices, we have to say that, contrary of what we could think, it will not increase excessively.
Even though the develop of new technologies and applications, infact, the trend of the last years gives us hope even about this, with prices affordable for medium quality devices.

televisioni del futuro

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