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Face the emergency with the technology

Face the emergency: smart working, e-learning and digital solidarity

There is who glorifies it, who demonizes it, the technology always causes debates. But in moments like this one, when we should stay at home, here you see that it can be a valid help to face the emergency and, althought, it can let us fully appreciate the positive things of its usage.

The e-learning to not lose the academic year

And with the extended closure of the schools as a precaution, here you have teachers and profs of the whole Italy discovering the e-learning. From the ones that do it in the raw, by uploading videos on youtube, to the ones that instead start real video conferences. So even if the schools are closed, there you have that the academic continuity is ensured or, at least, kept going thanks to the homeworks and the video lessons.

affrontare l'emergenza
The students can follow online lessons, read books and listen audios gave by the teachers

The school doesn’t stop, the teachers take back the classroom while explain or, upload slides and audios to avoid their students to lose the year, the university provides even thesis via Skype.

The home working to face the emergency

And so you have many companies that instead are able to activate the so dreamed, at least for the employees, smart working. Some companies otherwise are unprepared to face this situation, by demonstrating how instead it wasn’t considered at all the eventuality to work at home.

face the emergency
Applications like Zoom Cloud Meeting or Skype allows to make video calls with many people simultaneously

Who instead is able to do it shows to everyone how the company is not affected by the situation, the employees work maybe even more than before, but at home. They have meetings with specific programs of group video chat: like Skipe or Zoom Cloud Meeting. The projects don’t stop, the safety is insured to everyone. Who knows if, once came back to the normality, many of these companies will be able to keep the smart working, at least for some of the employees.

Other positive aspects linked to the smart working are surely the ones to have an employee with more free time and so much happier, but especially, the reduction of the pollution dure to the movements home – office.

The digital solidarity

Thanks to the coronavirus it was born even a web of digital solidarity. On the ministerial website solidarietadigitale.agid.gov.it it’s possible to find many free actions to face this crisis period.

Here you have so that to face the emergency it will be possible to see ebooks, follow online lessons, to have access to free services of smart working.

At the moment some service providers like Wind and Tim for example are donating to their customers Gb and calls to face the quarantine days at home. Amazon gives its services of training cloud computing and webinar for the teachers of the schools.

affontare l'emergenza
The page dedicated to the digital solidarity on the website of the government which is always upgraded

Mondadori, Condé Nast, La stampa and La Repubblica instead give download and subscriptions for the people that live in the red zone.

The support to the digital solidarity is growing day after day, and so even the Service of the Talked Book Lions arrives, it gives its 10.000 titles to the people with physical sensorial disabilities or certificated DSA. But in this moment it’s even possible to have access to the video catalogue of Infinity for two months for free or to use three months of the service Smart Tales which collects interactive and animated book to entertain the children.

Virtual but concrete helps to face the emergency, by remembering to the people that it’s better to stay at home as much as possible and how, in this historical period, it’s possible to do it thanks to the technology. Sure not all the jobs can be made at home but, already by reducing the not needed contacts, by using the technological help, the virus will finally finish.

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