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What was happening while you was borning, apps and websites to find out it

What was happening while you was borning

Which weekday was when you was born? It’s enough every smartphone to find out it. It’s enough to open the calendar and to backwards flip through it until the year, the month and the day that we are looking for… et voilà! Rise the hand who never did it! But this isn’t the only interesting thing that we can do with our birthday. There are many apps and websites that let us find out what was happening while we were borning. Was the Berlin wall falling down? Did Back to the Future release to the cinema? Here you have how to have fun, and to discover many interesting historical facts (and not only), with our own birth date. 

The smartphone’s calendar and the weekdays

Like we said, one of the thing that attracted us all, at least once in the life, is the one to open the smartphone’s calendar and to backwards flip through in the years, until to arrive to find out which was the weekday when we were born.

Which weekday was when you was born?

We found out it was Tuesday! And now? We can spend hours to flip through the calendar by having fun with the weekdays. Did you know that the calendar of the modern smartphones can go backwards basically forever?

So I found out that the first day of the year 1 it was a thursday, that the America was discovered in Friday and that the Tv shows in Italy, made by RAI, started on Sunday. 

What happened in the space while you was borning

Hubble is the NASA’s telescope that the last april celebrated 30 years. In occasion of this anniversary the american space agency launched an interesting project: what was happening in the space on your birthday? We deeply talked about it in previous article.

Time traveller

Time Traveller is an instrument created by Merriam-Webster, the most important american dictionary. We only, easily, have to put our birth year, to find out which were the “words of the year”, the one added to the dictionary and the ones that most affected the events of that period. 

Merriam-Webster dizionario
The Merriam-Webster launches Time Traveller to find out the words the signed the year of your birth

To understand what it means, the 2020 will surely be the year of the words: pandemic, covid-19, virus. While if we go backwards of 10 years the word of the year (of the 2010) was Instagram! While in the 2008 between the new words added in the american dictionary there was “unfollower”. In the 2017, instead, the words that most affected the year were “hashtag” and “retweet”.

Time Traveller refers only to the american dictionary, sure, but there isn’t any doubt that those words affected, somehow, the whole world. Which were the new words added in the Merriam-Webster during your birth year?

Kakorama – what was happening while you was borning?

“A ride into the past”

With the instrument kakorama, which is available on the website kakophone, it’s possible to write down your birth date (day, month and year) and to discover what was happening in the world while you was borning.

There are three options: on earth, in the sky and I’m a martian! In the first option, on earth, as very first thing, we find out the weekday (that we already know thanks to the smartphone’s calendar). Then there are the most listen songs back in that day, the cover of the Time of that week, the famous people that was born the same day of us and other interesting historical informations, like important events and Nobel prizes.

In the second option (in the sky) we will find out how was the moon that night (waning, growing, full?).

While if we click on I’m a martian, we can find out our martian age (and we will get younger a lot, because on Mars a year is made of  687 days). Lastly, we can choose between all the planets of the Solar System and find out our age on each one of them (on many of them we didn’t even blow on our first candle!).


Even a research on Wikipedia can hide small treasures. What was happening on your birthday back in the past? It’s enough to write the day and the month to arrive to the related page. 

What was happening back in the past on your birthday
With Wikipedia we can discover the historical facts of our birthday

Here we will find all the informations about that date. There are all the historical facts, organized chronologically. There are then the indications for the pages Born the “day” and Dead the “day”. Lastly there are the civil and religious celebrations of that date. 

If, instead, we want to know what was happening exactly while we were borning, it’ enough to add even the year to the month and the day, and find out if on Wikipedia there is something about it. 

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