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Workout at home with Nintendo

The gyms are closed and you are feeling the desperate need to keep fit anyway. Going outside for a walk isn’t enough, we need to workout at home by using new and alternative methods that allow take care of your body without have a personal trainer and the tools. The technology helps us even to do it, for example it’s enough to have a Wii at home or to pass to the most modern Nintendo console: the Switch.

History of the Wii

But how is it possible that the Wii and its nephew are our rescuers to workout at home without tools? The Wii was launched by Nintendo in the 2006 and it remained the seventh generation console most sold until the arrival of the Switch.

work out at home with the wii
The Wii was the console Nintendo of seventh generation most sold by the most known videogames’ company until the arrival of the Switch

The idea of the developers was the one to create an instrument with which all the family can play (from here the name, which if pronounced remembers the english pronun “we”).

The possibility of interaction between the players is its peculiarity and it is for this reason that with the time it even became an instrument to workout at home while having fun.

The innovation is the controller. A kind of remote controller that can be used with only one hand which has an accelerometer inside to detect the movement. Thanks to this peculiarity the Wii launched many sport games where all the body has to be moved to reach the targets. 

Then the Switch arrived

In the 2017, Nintendo launches the Switch and it had a boom of sales. It represents the first attempt of the company to realize a hybrid console, which means it can be domestic and portable.

It can be connected to the home television through the docking station. In this case we can use it through the two removable joypad, which are kept together with a grip that creates the gamepad. By taking out the Switch from the station, the console promptly become portable. 

Compared to the Wii it is a great evolution because it allows to bring the game experience started at home always with us even if we have to move for study or work. 

Workout at home with Wii Fit

While the trend of the home fitness made its way, the videogames consoles adapted themselves by looking for instruments that will help the people to follow a workout plan that includes a funny part. 

Especially Nintendo with its Wii is surely the best one that made available a perfect console for this purpose. Here you have why Wii Fit was born.

work out at home without tools
Work out at home without tools, but with the Wii is easy and fast with Wii Fit

The Wii Fit, if correctly and constantly used, helps to stay in shape by working out at home without tools, while having fun. The interactive element encourages the person much more than a classic domestic training. 

It is a console Wii to connect to the home television. To the console and to the program is sided the Balance Board, a hardware accessory of the packet Nintendo. An interactive footboard that interact with the Wii and with which it is possible to follow a high number of exercises and sports.

Working out at home with the Switch

Wii Fit was the beginning. Today many of us have this kind of console at home and we use it to work out at home without tools. But the real new is to use the Switch for this purpose with Ring Fit Adventure.

Let’s do an introduction: work out in a fitness center means to have a very large serie of tools for all the purposes. Not only, by going in a gym you can have professionials of the sector to help you, which can teach you the right exercises and that can follow you while training.

Working out at home means that we don’t have this all. Therefore, we need a very big motivation to follow the program and to work with a limited selection of tools. 

Ring Fit Adventure for Switch is right a solution for these problems. You can work out by having fun in every minute of your training and to challenge your body and your mind. How? Thanks to the accessories of the game – the Ring-Con and the strip for the leg – with which you can constantelly check your progresses in a very suggestive context of virtual game. 

Ring Fit Adventure, the new for stimulating trainings

Let’s see specifically what we can do with this game Switch. Thanks to the accessories of the game about which we were talking before you can create customized trainings for all your body: from the running to the squat, passing by the yoga and the pilates. These exercises can be put inside the adventure mode, which are exercises and mini games for faster sessions of work out. In both cases the new things is that, through the camera IR of movement integrated inside the right Joy-Con, you can check your performances, included the heartbeat and the burnt calories. 

work out at home with the switch
Ring Fit Adventure is the new for Nintendo Switch that allows us to work out at home.

But that’s not all. If what matters to you is to train your brain, you can challenge it with many dedicated games. Many classic and new exercises to stimulate the memory and the motor control. You can even calculate your brain age by doing a serie of consecutive exercises that test your speed in the elaboration of the informations received. 

work out at home for the brain
Work out at home with the Switch allows you to train even your brain

Obviusly all of it can be made even in the challenge mode, which means to let partecipate friends and relatives to your trainings. 

The alternative to the console

Aside to work out at home if you don’t have a game console and you aren’t a fitness expert. In this case what you need is YouTube where you can look for exercise tables and programs compatible with your needs.

On YouTube there are many motivational videos made by expert personal trainers that can help you to make a plan to follow to stay in shape. Through these instruments you can learn to correctly work out, by reaching the required results.

Working out at home can be easy and funny if you know how to do it. The Wii, as well as the videos on YouTube can be the answer to your need to stay in shape by even saving a little bit of money.

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