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Zeus, the generator of clean electricity

Zeus, the generator of clean energy

Escape from the city chaos and jump into the nature. For some days, for a week or even more. Pull only the plug or choose to live alternativelly. But always do it with all the comforts of the modern age. It’s possible thanks to a camper or a boat. But why do we choose to move around the world with a camper, instead to sleep inside a comfy hotel? Do we do it because we love nature? So without any doubt we would like that our vehicle/house uses clean energy. By the way often the normal generators use fossil fuel and not renewable energies. Zeus, instead, makes green energy. Let’s find out more about it.

Why do we choose the outdoor holidays

Outdoor tourism, or en plein air tourism. Why do we choose the outdoor holidays?

The concept of outdoor holiday brings us to live closely with the nature. With all this means, the good and bad things.

Vacanza all'aria aperta
We choose the outdoor holiday for a more sustainable life, but with Zeus it is even more

Who travels by camper, sleeps in tents and usually goes in the camps knows very well the definition of plein air. It is a flexible holiday. We can go everywhere and do whatever we want, with our house with us. And this means a camper, a tent, a simple backpack for trekking or, for the most wealthy, a boat to sail the water.

But en plein air tourism even means sustainable tourism. Yes, because who is used to live close to nature knows that it must be loved and respected. And it is for this reason that we choose the outdoor holidays. Because the nature gives a lot to us, but we have to give it something back too.

How do we supply of energy the campers and the boats?

Let’s come back to us. We choose the outdoor holidays, we choose the en plein air tourism. But without giving up with all the comforts. Moreover, because of the increase of the smartworking, we can even think to a stable moving on the camper.

Sail boat holiday
In sailboat we can use a generator Zeus for all the services

We have our house always with us, the camper or the boat. Here we can sleep, cook, move as we like from the highest mountains to the whitest beaches. We can work, we can videocall, we can watch the tv, we can plan our next trip. So how do we do with all the households?

Our house needs energy. How do we supply of energy campers and boats?

It’s been years that they are supplied through energy generators to keep loaded the batteries for all the services of the camper. But most of these generators are suupplied with diesel. A hot topic, especially nowadays that the eco-sustainability is a must.

It’s arriving the green charge of Zeus

Zeus is an innovative thermoelectric generator, silent, powerful and especially green. It was realized by the Mobil Tech and there are many models of it, according to the KW.

Zeus can be used on the campers, and it works when it’s stationary, and on the boats, in this case it works even in movement. For the smallest boats it can be used to supply everything of energy. While in case of bigger boats it can be used as a secondary generator too.

How does Zeus work

The innovation of the generator of green energy Zeus is right on its working. On the two faces of a module realized with a special superconductor material, the bismuth of tellurium, it’s created a difference of temperature that makes electric energy.

Zeus, the generator of clean energy

The discovery isn’t a new in reality. This characteristic of the bismuth of tellurium, infact, was already discovered in the 1821 and today it’s even used by the NASA to supply space probes and rovers.

A burner keeps the warm side steady, while for the cold side it’s used the temperature of the water (in case of the boat) or a closed circuit with coolant liquid (in case of the camper).

Furthermore, some models of the generator Zeus are able to integrate to the system other sources of clean energies, like the wind one or the solar one. But there is something else: Zeus chooses which energy use for the best performance by itself, by always prefering the sustainable ones.

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