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Waiting for the Playstation 5

Playstation 5

Recentelly Sony released some informations about the new console that everyone was waiting for. Informations that many take as certain already, but that they couldn’t be really confirmed until the official announcement. The console that will replace the current Playstation 4 and Playstation Pro will be called Playstation 5 and the releasing date planned is for the winter of the 2020. And while we wait for the arrival of the new console here you have some informations about it.

The new generation of console

After the big success of the Playstation 4, which was released in the 2013 and that took the second place as number of sold consoles. Before it, infact, only the mythical Playstation 2, unreachable, sold 155 million of consoles. This year the Playstation 4 takes the second place, with almost 109 copies, by passing the Wii and the Playstation 1 of some thousands of copies.

Playstation 5
How will be the next Sony’s console?

But after the big success the Sony audience starts now to be impatient. Infact, even though the name of the new console wasn’t official yet, even if for many it was sure, in the last months between the main searches of Google there was, right, the Playstation 5.

After months of rumors and indiscretions Sony could just, so, released some official declaration, by announcing that the successor of one of the best made console will arrive in about one year. And so here you have what we know until now.

The controller of the Playstation 5

Between the official news there are the ones about the controller of the next Sony’s console. The Playstation 5, infact, will have as main purpose the one to make much more deep the game experience, especially under the tactile point of view.

The revolution of the new Playstation controller

The new controller will give up the old vibration, that for years followed our game’s sessions, by allowing us to immerse ourselves on it even under the tactile point of view. It will now be, instead, equipped with a haptic feedback, which will give to our hands close to the controller many different feelings.

It won’t be, so, only one feedback, but many different feedbacks according to the condition, by allowing us to understand the difference, for example, if our character is walking in the mud or inside the tall grass.

A big revolution of the new controller will be even under the point of view of the triggers. They are, infact, studied to let transmit us many different feelings too, by putting, for example, more strenght if we have to run a rope to archery.

Technical specifics

To confirm some of the technical specifics of the new console was Mark Cerny, that announced, besides, that the Playstation 5 will have a CPU AMD Ryzen of third generation, Zen from 2 to 7 nanometers. The GPU will be, instead a Radeon Navi, with the support for the resolution 8K and the ray tracing.

Playstation 5
There isn’t any official image of the new console, but many imagine it with a really futuristic view

The SSD, which model, though, is still to confirm, will allow us to install the games selectively. For example, it will be possible to install the single player by ignoring, though, the multiplayer.

Obviusly, to be substantially improved and integrated it will be even, and especially, the social side of the same console.

It was confirmed, finally, even the backward compatibility with the Playstation 4, even if the trend that we are living in this moment is bringing even Sony to think more about solutions fully digital. Where it will be possible, besides to buy the titles, even to sell them back or to exchange them, exactly like it happens now in the physical stores.

Releasing date, price and games for the Playstation 5

Like we said the Playstation 5 will arrive in the winter of the 2020, probably next to the christmas holidays, but there isn’t a sure official date yet.

There aren’t, instead, certain news about the price, even if the rumors say that by following the trend of the previous versions it might be around the 400 or 500 euros.

Finally, it wasn’t released any informations about the games that will come with the console neither, but it’s sure that there will be some between the most waited titles to follow the launch. The most probable one, always according with the indiscretions, will be so Horizon 2, long waited after the release of Horizon Zero Dawn.

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