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Playstation 5’s looks & feel in the fans concepts

What will the new Playstation 5 be like?

Word around the street is that the Playstation 5 should be officially announced in February. Thus far, Sony neither confirmed nor dismissed this rumor, and little is known about the design of the long-awaited new console.

Gamers, however, are a creative bunch – and soon started filling the Internet with their very own fan concepts about what the future Playstation‘s going to look like.

A supposed leak from an official Sony patent also found its way on the Web – even though there’s simply no certainty that it’s genuine or reflects accurately the Playstation 5‘s final design.

So let’s dive right into the most original designs that gamers conjured up for the new Playstation 5 – in the hope that February will reveal how closely they nailed it.

The rumored, leaked design of the Playstation 5

First in this gallery is the alleged leak that recently found its way online.

Rumors have it that the concept is derived straight from a Sony patent, even if it’s not clear just how far back it dates.

Playstation 5 leak
An allegedly leaked picture of the new Playstation

The design in the sketch clearly bears a strong resemblance to the PS4 Slim. However, the upper and lower parts are purposefully asymmetrical here. The most particular detail is perhaps the deeply embedded, uptilted V-shape on the surface.

The optical driver, power button and two USB ports – presumably, though not certainly, USB 3.1 – are located on the front of the new console.

Sony however released no statement on this matter, so it’s unclear whether the leak is genuine or the umpteenth, artfully designed fan concept.

The Dreams-designed concept

One of the most spectacular concepts out there is the work of a longtime gamer, “Canadian Jedi”, who also runs his very own Youtube channel.

Canadian Jedi developed his prototype of what the Playstation 5 may look like in Dreams, Media Molecule’s creative game.

Playstation 5 fan concept
A Playstation 5 fan concept developed in Dreams

According to Canadian’s Jedi imagined design, the Playstation 5 will sport the V-shaped decoration from the leaked patent. However, the artist gave the design his very own interpretation.

In this version the V-shape isformed by two colored (and fully customizable) light beans projected on the Playstation’s case.

The disk tray is located on the front, with the Playstation 5’s own logo on its right side.

On the rear we can find several connectivity options including Ethernet and HDMI ports and spacious cooling fans.

FalconDesign3D’s Playstation 5 concept

Another pretty cool concept for the new Playstation 5 was sculpted in 3D by Twitter user @FalconDesign3D.

In the author’s own admission, the concept owes much to the presumed leaked drawings from the Sony patent.

Playstation 5 fan concept
A fan concept for the PLaystation 5

In this concept too the design is purposefully asymmetrical, with a clean-cut, modern and essential  overall look.

The PS5 logo is placed on top of the console, with the jacks and ports located along the sides.

The overall result is aesthetically pleasing and offers a very personal take on the “leaked” design.

PS5’s new controller in a leaked patent

But wait – there’s more. In addition to the fan generated concept, Internet is also buzzing with rumors about the new Playstation 5.

One of the most intriguing is an alleged – and almost certainly genuine –  controller patent that was issued by Sony developers in the last few months.

The new DualShock Controller
The new DualShock Controller

The DualShock 5 Controller is going to be equipped with a built-in internal microphone, useful both for gaming campaign as well as for interaction with any kind of multimedial content.

Also noteworthy are the triggers. The traditional “rumble” technology should be replaced by haptic feedback, allowing gamers to interface and change the adaptive triggers depending upon the game’s dynamics – and setting.

Gaming experience should be more and more immersive, delving players right into their favorite games. Moreover, the DualShock 5 Controller should be also compatible with the PS4.

When will the Playstation 5 be released?

All gamers alike, however, are wondering – when will the new Playstation 5 be released?

During the last few months, Sony has been very hush-hush about its highly awaited new console. Fans all over the world are on the edge of their seat, waiting for the big announcement.

Playstation logo
The new PS logo

Recently, hope sparked for an early-to-middle February release. in the wake of the leaked pictures and growing rumors that still surround the PS5.

Is it really just a matter of time before Sony announces the console’s exclusive preview? We don’t know for certain – but users on Reddit were positively thrilled when a possible Sony Event program found its way online.

According to the latest rumors, the event might be scheduled for February 12nd at the absolute earliestm with Geoff Keighley being the host. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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