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The most technological bicycle in the world


The bicycle is absolutely the vehicle that most reaches a balance between comfort and environmental sustainability.

It is ever more spreading, especially in the big cities where the usage of the car is really disincentive. By the way, not all the people that use a bicycle are able to be satisfied with a “normal” bike.

If it is a real lifestyle for you and you need to match it with the most advanced technology and with the most advanced functions, that’s the right article for you.

As follow there are some examples of super technological bicycles unique and projected all over the world.

The most trendy characteristics are the electric being, so, supporting in the bike ride making it easier; the unique nature, to give a touch of style; the technology, which often helps to solve the most common problems in our daily city-life or, alternativelly, it helps us during the racing or field trips out of the city.


The Vanmoof bicycle is electric and, besides this, it gives a serie of “smart” functioning. The pedal assistance can be easily managed through the display on the dashboard of the bike.

Besides this there is even a really usefull locator with integrated GPS antenna, the bicycle’s battery severely re-chargable and a dashing chassis in anodized aluminium.


Obviusly the price is proportional to the technology and the style of this bicycle: it is, infact, around the 3.000$.


The acronym CERV means Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle and it is the most suitable bike for the unconventional. The design is really particular, it doesn’t have the back range, and this is what makes it a different bike compared with the ones that we are used to.

The particular and detailed studied design is surely the strong suit of the bicycle. The ultratechnological chassis’ shape is suitable to the biker’s gait during the ride, so much so that its aspect changes so to be ever more comfortably for the pilot.


Bike Aston Martin

In this case it is an exclusive object, with a really modern chassis, complete with technological integrations and proximity sensors besides that sensors about the biker’s life aspects.

The producer is Aston Martin, which produced only 77 models in the whole world, so to make them a collection object to not be used.

Especially if we consider that their price is really high, which goes around 39.000$. Let’s say that it isn’t surely the right choice if our purpose is the one to go work.

Aston Martin


Unlike the previous bicycle, this is surely one of the best technological bike choice for the travels in the city.

Yerka will let you save many money in the purchase of locks, chains and bloster. The chassis of this bike, infact, transform itself into a lock.

So, if a thief would like to steal it, he will be forced to break a part of the chassis so to make it unusefull. This may let every thief to give up.


Sada Bike

This bicycle was created to be the solution to your problems if you are in the situation where in your work place there isn’t a safe bike park.

However, it can solve this and even other problems, due that it is a folding bicycle that, once close, it becomes just a bit bigger than an umbrella.

This will allow you to store it under the desk if you don’t have a park or, in case of rain, to keep going with the underground or the bus without being too much bulky for the other passengers.

Sada Bike

Like we can understand by this article, the technology is able to solve a serie of problems, even the most disparate! It’s enough to understand what you really need.

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