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10 gadgets for the smartphones

The gadgets for the smartphones are now infinite and varied, here you have a list of ten ideas for the next gift to do to some passionated of telephony or even to ourselves.

Mini printergadget per lo smartphone

With the incoming of the smartphones and the digital cameras the printed pictures are significantly decreasing, until they will disappear. A nice idea to avoid the problem and remember us that sometimes is even nice to flipping through and to touch with hands the memories, are the mini printers for smartphones. The mini printers can be directly connected wireless to the smartphone and they bring on printed paper our photographs in really short time. The mini printers around are many, like the ones proposed by Polaroid or LG.

Camera’s lens gadget per lo smartphone

Remaining on the photographs topic, the smartphones are replacing, between the other things, even the cameras. The cameras integrated with the telephone, infact, are even more accurate and well done, sometime with better lens and hardware components then a real camera. With the help, then, of some small gadget, like the Exolens our smartphone can reach a Reflex. The kit proposed by Exolens, infact, includes a quadrangle, a telephoto lens and a macro view. gadget per lo smartphone


HandleBand is a support for smartphones, dockable to the common bicycles‘ handle, helping us to use the telephone while we are biking, without the risk to lose the balance or let it slip through our hands. Very useful if, for example, we need to use the navigator.

Google Cardboardgadget per lo smartphone

Google let all getting closer to the virtual reality, without affecting a lot the pocket. Google Cardboard is infact a nice and especially economic idea and they can be ordered for a derisory price or, even, build it by ourselves, following some easy instructions.

Probe for plants

gadget per lo smartphoneIf the green thumb isn’t our strong suit there isn’t any problem, we just need a little help to discover what our plants need, thanks to Flora Monitor by Xiaomi. The little device by the cinese domotic company, which speaks straight with our smartphone, is, infact, equipped with four different sensors: the light’s sensor, the temperature’s sensor, the water and humidity’s sensor and the fertilizer’s sensor.

Breathalyzergadget per lo smartphone

Before to take the wheel, after a party or a evening with our friends, is good to understand if we are able to carry on with this duty. Thanks to breathalyzer by Flaome, we just need to blow inside it and this will send the result directly on our smartphone, now we just have to be a little more conscientious.


gadget per lo smartphone

Another nice idea to increase our own smartphone with some gadget is the one of a small portable headlamp, where we can directly insert our telephone and pointing it on a wait wall, the surprising effect is guaranteed.


For the obsessive cleaners, but not only for them, touching it’s own smartphones can be a real nightmare. It is, infact, between the object where the number of germs gets bigger. Fortunately someone thought about a solution with the PhoneSoap, a small sanitizer device which at the same time even charge our phone.

Solar energy’s charger gadget per lo smartphone

We have dozen of portable chargers, but sometimes they aren’t enough, because we forgot to charge it too. An alternative and environmentally friendly solution is the solar energy’s charger, which charge our own smartphone with the simple help of the sun, like every solar panel.


gadget per lo smartphoneHow many times happend to lost our house’s key? Even if they are in the bag or around the house, all the times we have to go around to look for it, losing precious time. The solution is a small tracker, to attach to the keys’ bunch like every keychain, that, with a simple click from our own smartphone, it will ring indicating the place where it is.

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