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Like always we love to talk about space and we love to know new people that love to talk about space and that are working to make it something reachable. That's why today we meet Ilaria Cinelli, The Martian Girl, a girl who grow up in the toscan countryside, that dreams to reach one day Mars.
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The arrival of Perseverance

After 203 days of travel and 470 million of kilometers, Perseverance finally landed on Mars. The rover of the Nasa will now study the red planet, by trying to discover is there was never life on the planet.

BFR: the future of the SpaceX

SpaceX, the spacial agency of Elon Musk, already reached many successes, but it doesn't stop itself here. Elon Musk already revealed his next project at the edge of the science-fiction: the BFR, the first real spaceship of the human race,…